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Welcome to the second edition of the Squarely Digital email newsletter. I had a lengthy introduction written about cicadas*, but I scrapped that at the last minute and instead will open with this: 
This week's newsletter features tips on using LinkedIn, an easy way to understand your ideal customer a little better, information on two upcoming workshops, and a YouTube recommendation.  
Let's get started. 
1. How to Reach More People on LinkedIn
The digital marketing world is awash with "hacks," those under-the-radar tricks you can use to supposedly increase likes, followers, web traffic, etc. As you might infer from my infinitive-splitting use of the word "supposedly," I am often skeptical of them.
However, I heard three tips for LinkedIn users while listening to the Inbound Success podcast recently, and I endorse all three. They reflect some tactics I have had success with already, they are not spammy, and, bottom line, they simply make sense. 
I liked them enough that I wrote a blog post summing them up. Read it here: How to Reach More People on LinkedIn
2. My Next (Free) Content Marketing Tune-Up

If you would value feedback on content you've created to market your business, my next Content Marketing Tune-Up is for you. 
The session is scheduled for Monday, June 7 from noon to 1 p.m., and there's no charge to attend. 
In it, a small number of participants will bring a piece of marketing content they have created for their business and share feedback in a Zoom session. I lead the discussion and offer tips, all geared toward making that piece as good as it can be and improving your future content marketing efforts.

>>Get More Info/Register Here<<

3. What Do Your Ideal Customers Ask? 
One of the smartest ways to build a content marketing library for your business is to start answering the questions your ideal customers ask. That sounds simple, but a lot of people stumble at the first step.
"What exactly are they asking?" they wonder.
Here's one way to find out: Go to Google.
You can uncover a lot of popular questions asked by customers in your industry through basic Google searches. I supplied the details in a recent LinkedIn post. Give the post a read, then give the trick a try.
4. Workshop for Business/Executive Coaches

The Squarely Digital content marketing workshop for business and executive coaches is coming up -- it starts Wednesday, June 9. 

It's a four-week workshop for just $199, and if you missed the details in last week's email, you can click over to my site (or Eventbrite) to get the info. 
I'm happy to report that past workshops have been well-received. Here's a testimonial to give you a taste: 
"Jon’s expertise made this workshop invaluable. ... The time and money I invested have garnered many returns."
>>Learn More/Register Here<<
5. Off-Topic, But …

The Food Insider YouTube channel has been a pandemic find in my household, where it's often tough to agree on something to watch as a family. The channel's 15- to 20-minute "best-of" compilations of tantalizing foods and legendary restaurants earn high marks from all four of us, even if they might be classified as the video equivalent of empty calories. 
If you're not sure where to start with Food Insider videos, I'd recommend The Best Desserts in Every State. Although I have to admit that even though I'm a Virginian, I don't think I've ever tried chess pie. 
See you next time,

* - I did not actually write an introduction about cicadas. But I thought about it. 

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