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I have two words for you today: subscriber benefits.

As in, starting this week, I am offering Keywords & Numbers subscribers like you a free, 30-minute Content Consultation. Here’s how it works:

• You send me one piece of content you’re using (or plan to use) in your marketing efforts.
• We schedule a Zoom call.
• On the call, I provide tips and feedback on your piece and some thoughts about your content strategy.

If you’re interested, reply to this email and we’ll get it set up.

Now, on to this week’s words and numbers …

Credibility: How can you tell if a piece of content marketing is any good? A video from Ahref’s Sam Oh identifies four key factors: clarity, depth, usefulness and presentation.

Sam’s criteria are solid, but I would add one more: credibility. I break it down in this blog post, and suggest four easy ways to add credibility to your content.

Lede: What’s a “lede?” It’s a newspaper term, sometimes spelled more conventionally as “lead.” And it’s the beginning of an article. As I have said before (see Tip 11 here), it’s the most important part of any piece you write.

I’m hardly the only person who believes this, so there’s plenty of advice available on writing a good lede. Here’s one that caught my attention this week: Josh Spector on How to Write a Powerful First Sentence.

Semantic: In the last edition of Keywords & Numbers, I called the phenomenon in which repeating a word causes it to lose meaning “sematic satiation.” That first word should have been “semantic.” I regret the error. Typos drive me crazy — though I do appreciate K&W reader Karl for pointing it out.
7: Good news: It’s easier than ever to launch a Google Ads campaign. But as Google guides advertisers through the setup process, it glosses over some steps that can make a big difference in campaign performance.

That’s why I wrote this piece: Don’t Launch a Google Ads Campaign Without Taking These 7 Steps. None of the steps take long to complete, but they can save you money and time as you kick off a new search advertising campaign.

2018: A behind-the-scenes note on the Google Ads post mentioned above. It’s an example of repurposing marketing content — a great way to produce more content in less time.

In this case, I wrote a LinkedIn article in 2018 (back when Google Ads was still called “AdWords”): Don't Launch an AdWords Campaign Without Taking These Four Steps First. This week, I decided to update it, and in about half the time it usually takes me to compose a blog post, I had new content.
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