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Keywords & Numbers is back, with a primary focus on ways small businesses can generate good content marketing ideas without spending a ton of time. And since time is so valuable, let's get right to it ... 
Efficiency: One of the biggest roadblocks small businesses face when they try content marketing is time. And the first stage of that roadblock is just coming up with ideas.

My most recent blog post features two content marketing pieces that can serve as examples of how to generate good ideas quickly. Take a look here:

What Does Good Content Marketing for Sales Training Companies Look Like?

One idea-generation method featured in the post is hopping on a popular topic. The other is building a easily repeatable process for certain posts (my “What Does Good Content Marketing Look Like” series could be another example).

I won’t claim you can become an effective content marketer in 30 minutes a week. But there definitely are ways to be more efficient. Using these sorts of tricks to generate new topics can be a huge help.

Innovation: I am always looking for stories about innovators. The one I found recently had a bit more resonance than usual, as it’s about vaccinations.

Benjamin Rubin became a key player in the fight to eradicate smallpox when he ground the eyelet of a sewing machine needle and produced a fork-shaped end. The pronged (or bifurcated) needle was easier to use, inexpensive, used four times less vaccines than other needles and was easily reusable with flame sterilization.

In a 1980 paper, Rubin estimated that his needle was used for 200 million vaccinations per year during the last years of the campaign.

Read more about Rubin and his innovation here, on the National Inventors Hall of Fame website.
12: After you read my “Good Content Marketing” post linked above, check out this Twitter thread by Amanda Natividad of Sparktoro. In it, she lists 12 easy ways to generate content ideas.

3rd: That’s where squarelydigital.com currently ranks on Google for the keyword “digital marketing agency in alexandria.”

9.7: That was squarelydigital.com’s average rank for the same keyword in the third quarter of 2020.

There are (as always) multiple factors that contributed to that rise. But I am sure that consistent content creation played an important role. Read more about it on LinkedIn.
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