Let Cupid’s arrow hit your marketing strategy

It’s February and you know what that means! Time to show love to what matters the most to you.

What better way to show your business love than to work on your marketing? Making sure your marketing plans and strategies are ready for execution this early in the year will help your business meet goals in a timely manner. Believe it or not, it’s already month two of 2019 and your ball is rolling towards that goal of yours!

What needs to be done now is making sure your marketing and sales strategies are aligned. When establishing goals, be sure to look at both points-of-view and how they can support each other. Just like any relationship, one won’t work without the other’s cooperation.

A successful marketing strategy doesn’t occur overnight, but rather, takes a lot of love and nurture in order for it to be effective. No matter what the performance, you should always be thinking, “how can this be better?” The reason that this is the mentality you should be going in with is because once a strategy is executed and results are driven, you shouldn’t sit back and be content with what you got. Unless you are getting 100% response rates (and if you are, please share the secrets to your sorcery!) there is always something to be improved upon. Think of how it could get better because that mindset will allow you to achieve bigger and better results.

Marketing and relationships are very similar in the way that they should be helping in the growth of an individual, or with marketing, the company. Take time to reflect on your marketing efforts and how it adds value to your business. Not just that, but take this month to help you reflect on your relationship you have with your loved ones as well.  

Ruchi Patel

Virtual Partner Marketing Manager


Marketing and Sales: A Love Story

Like any relationship, sales and marketing teams need to have an open line of communication to make things work. To keep the love story going strong, be sure to set shared goals, establish follow up procedures and put together a lead progression plan so that everyone understands their individual and shared responsibilities. A lack of alignment can lead to lost revenue and a failed relationship!

Do you have the right marketing strategy in place for 2019?
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