He played his brag-pipes!

Let's speak the truth, a real marketing success is not a strike of luck, but the result of hard work, planning, investing, creating, testing; in a few words, strategizing.

By now, you know which tactics work better for you. If your marketing charm is blogging, keep up the good work! Keep trying your luck with this in different formats; what if you turn some of your key points into social posts, or other pieces of content such as infographics, newsletters, emails, etc? If your fan base or readers are increasing in number, think about hosting or participating in a webinar. Pushing your luck here may be the right thing to do.

Anyway, if you are hoping to can channel some good fortune to boost your brand this year, you could think about making a contribution to an important Saint Patrick's Day parade. Or what about some cool giveaways during the day? You can always hold a "luck of the draw" promotion with your loyal clients or prospects. Send clover shaped cookies to your accounts, it's a good reminder that you are a great business partner and an amazing branding strategy.

Good luck on your marketing efforts!

Ivis Salas
Virtual Partner Marketing Manager

Lucky in Leads

Every great marketing campaign takes a lot of organization and a little bit of luck. See how LookingPoint used a task management tool like Trello to clearly lay out their plans and share them with internal and external stakeholders.

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