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May 2020


NetHope launches $60 million Global Aid Technology Response and Recovery Fund

NetHope announced a Global Aid Technology Response and Recovery Fund, a $60 million call-to-action to fund nonprofit technology in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, NetHope, NTEN, and the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) published a joint briefing, entitled Call to Funders for Nonprofit Tech Support, which outlines ways to equip the humanitarian sector during the immediate response phase to COVID-19 and ways to Build Back Better for the longer-term recovery phase. This effort is the focus of an Op-ed published in The NonProfit Times.



Facebook Connectivity provides $260,000 for internet access during COVID-19

Connectivity can be the lifeline that allows nonprofit workers and volunteers on the front lines to continue to deliver vital aid while working from home or other places of self-isolation. Facebook Connectivity has provided a $260,000 grant to support NetHope’s COVID-19 response. In addition, through Facebook Disease Prevention Maps and NetHope’s playbook on information management, the teams will work together to identify and support affected communities, providing them with access to protective health equipment and connectivity kits designed to increase access to the internet.

We featured three different initiatives using digital technologies to fight misinformation & how these applications may inform COVID-19 preparedness and response. Featuring speakers from The Sentinel Project’s Hagiga Wahid, International Rescue Committee, and National Democratic Institute. Check out the recording, presentation slides, and more!


Emerging Technologies: AI Ethics Webinar Series

NetHope, USAID, MIT D-Lab, and Plan International are working together to deliver a set of webinars to equip the social impact sector with the information they need in order to implement AI responsibly and ethically.

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