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August 2020

NetHope welcomes three new members

NetHope, a global consortium of nearly 60 of the world’s leading nonprofits, is proud to announce the election of three new nonprofit member organizations during our July 8 member meeting.


The delivery of the 4th Annual NetHope Africa conference virtual conference went off without a hitch and was a celebration for Africa.

Downed power lines, washed-out bridges and exposed rebar made movement slow and hazardous, and communication with survivors and team members difficult…

In order to create AI solutions that are ethical, sustainable, and beneficial for all, we need nonprofit organizations to get involved in their design and implementation...


AI, Machine Learning, Chat Bots... in the age of COVID-19 the push to convert to digital service models is stronger than ever. Our virtual AI Ethics Workshop is sold out, but our AI Ethics webinar series is useful way to guide your organization to tools and resources that protect vulnerable populations as you expand your digital toolkit. See: DID YOU KNOW? below for more!

Creating a Thriving Digital Culture for Nonprofits Part Two: Virtual Workshops
In the second of our Digital Culture for Nonprofits webinar series NetHope Member, PATH, Amref, and Accenture presented practical guidance to facilitate engaging and impactful virtual workshops despite low bandwidth environments.



NetHope's Emerging Technologies Initiative provides resources for a sector-wide approach to integrating AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies in humanitarian, development, and conservancy work.

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