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December 2020

NetHope responds to Hurricane Iota

Connectivity and communication equipment have been identified as some of the key needs of people affected by Hurricane Iota in Nicaragua. NetHope has deployed expert staff to assess the situation and help in the response.

​Find out more about the NetHope response and how you can be involved in our latest blog.

Rapid advances in technology are enabling nonprofit organizations to reach and support more people, more effectively. But as we embrace powerful technologies, we must do so responsibly – considering the very real risks, alongside the tremendous benefits. How do we build cultures of responsible innovation and ensure we’re intentional in our use of technology?

Read this blog by Leila Toplic, NetHope's Lead for Emerging Technologies Initiative, for top tips to help you build a responsible digital organization.


Photograph: Glenna Gordon
HAPPENING TODAY! There's still time to register: NGOs are using AI to forecast displacement and meet the needs of refugees. On December 8, our Emerging Technologies Lead, Leila Toplic, will be hosting representatives from NetHope Member organizations Danish Refugee Council/Dansk Flygtningehjælp and International Rescue Committee for a discussion about lessons learned from practical implementations of Artificial Intelligence in the humanitarian sector.

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On December 3, NetHope hosted Member FHI 360 and partner Techno Brain Group to discuss an exciting new digital tool, 'FHI 360 Vine' data find-not-search experience. FHI 360 employees now have more time to do more good, collaborate more, and have more impact.

Watch the fascinating recording now!

Our newest ICT4D Webinar on December 10 features speakers from Catholic Relief Services, Viamo, CenHealth, and, who will share case studies and discuss the accelerated adoption of emerging technologies in the humanitarian sector as we respond, and adapt to, the challenges brought on by Covid-19. Topics include: AI in Africa, new Drone uses, ​and social behavior change communication.

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This webinar has been rescheduled for December 17! The panel will discuss the launch and update of the USAID/NetHope Digital Payments Toolkit. Register here.

Photograph: GOAL
The award-winning FHL Data Standard project brought together experience from nonprofits, some of the world’s biggest technology companies with expertise in supply chain management, technology consultants and academics with a focus on humanitarian logistics. Together, they ensured the data standard would be rigorous, fit for purpose, and crucially could be dynamic and built upon. Find out more!

The Frontline Humanitarian Logistics Data Standard is published here.

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