NetHope Collective Impact Newsletter- February 2021 Dear Friends,  2021 is now well underway, and the NetHope community is hard at work seeking to respond to the challenges facing our planet and its people in the year ahead.
February 2021
Dear Friends,

2021 is now well underway, and the NetHope community is hard at work seeking to respond to the challenges facing our planet and its people in the year ahead.


Last month, we hosted our first COVAX call with NetHope Members, their medical representatives, and our technology partners, and we have our second call this month. The world is facing a giant logistical and moral challenge – ensuring the world’s most vulnerable people get access to a Covid-19 vaccine. I believe NetHope and our unparalleled network of Members and partners have a key role to play in this effort. NetHope has two decades of experience convening leading organizations together to collaborate, act and make an impact. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

Do check out the links below to find out how NetHope is continuing to provide connectivity to communities in Nicaragua following Hurricane Iota, and to sign up for our next ICT4D webinar: Addressing Disability in Digital Tech Response to Covid-19.

It’s a privilege working with you.

Lance Pierce
NetHope CEO


The Frontline Humanitarian Logistics Data Standard is here
Have you checked out the ground-breaking, collaborative, award-winning Frontline Humanitarian Logistics Initiative yet? We're so excited for the potential impact this new data standard can have in last-mile humanitarian logistics! Part of it is already used in Microsoft’s updated Common Data Model.
How population density maps are helping the nonprofit sector
NetHope will soon release a new report exploring the impact Facebook’s high-resolution population density maps are having and can have for NetHope Members and the relief, humanitarian and conservation sectors at large. NetHope also contributed to the Facebook report, which you can read here.


Last-mile health: NetHope community collaborates on Covid-19 vaccine distribution
235 million people are at risk of being missed in the complex global Covid-19 vaccination effort. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen. NetHope is convening our Members and partners to collaborate and discuss how – together – we can help in the COVAX effort to vaccinate two billion people by the end of 2021.
Ethics by Design: An organizational approach to responsible use of technology
NetHope’s Lead for Emerging Technologies, Leila Toplic, contributed to this World Economic Forum white paper. We believe that, when it comes to using technology in the nonprofit sector, building responsible organizations is imperative. That’s why we want the whole NetHope community to read this report.



How to: run great virtual workshops


Top tips to make your nonprofit virtual workshop engaging and effective.


AI Ethics toolkit part 1: fairness and bias


Everything your organization needs to start tackling ethical questions around using AI.


Updated: USAID Digital Payments toolkit


Navigate the journey from cash to digital payments, with ten step-by-step modules.



Coming up:

Addressing Disability in Digital Tech Response to Covid-19


Designed for program managers or digital solution designers, in this webinar sector experts will show how technology can support accessibility and disability inclusion as we respond to Covid-19. Sign up now to join the discussion on February 18.

In case you missed it:

An Introduction to Impact Management for International NGOs


Join Plan International and to learn how organizations are going beyond traditional monitoring and evaluation and using the practices, capacities and technologies of impact management to ensure they are creating the biggest impact with their resources.



We’re so grateful to The Patterson Foundation and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for partnering with NetHope in our response to Hurricane Iota. Find out more about how The Patterson Foundation and AWS are supporting responding NGOS and affected communities in Nicaragua.


Do you have an idea or solution that can save lives from being lost to natural disasters? The Safe Steps D-Tech Awards is dedicated to finding, funding and supporting technology solutions that help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters. Don’t miss the opportunity to win grants from a pool of USD $200,000 and expert coaching to scale your tech solutions! Apply to the Safe Steps Disaster Tech Awards by 19 Feb 2021.


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