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April 2021
Dear Friends,
It was a pleasure to see many of you on Thursday’s call, Leveraging Data to Support LMICs Vaccine Prioritization. This call was an important moment in the overall movement towards ensuring equitable global Covid-19 vaccine distribution, and it was a privilege to be part of it. NetHope Members have a wealth of experience and insight to offer, and this call was a great opportunity to bring our community together with funding partners and other organizations at the forefront of this effort.

During the conversation, COVIDaction officially launched the exciting open call from the Vaccine Data Co-Lab. This is a key opportunity get financial support for work to close data gaps and advance equitable and effective Covid-19 vaccine distribution in low and middle income countries. also have an exciting funding opportunity for NetHope Members working to increase access to Covid-19 vaccines. Scroll down to find out more.

In other news from the NetHope community – we're very pleased to welcome our two newest Members, The Asia Foundation and Orbis. And we want to invite you to save the date for this year’s NetHope Virtual Global Summit. It will be happening in the week beginning 15th November 2021 and we would love to see you there!

As ever, we really appreciate your partnership with NetHope. We believe in the power of collective action, and you have a vital role to play.
Warmly, and in peace,
Lance Pierce
NetHope CEO



How to access funding for your Covid-19 vaccine efforts. April 29: Member exclusive is offering $11M in grants and product credits, and 1,000 employee volunteer hours to support organizations that are helping to increase access to Covid-19 vaccines for underserved communities globally. They are holding an exclusive briefing for NetHope Members to inspire you and share how you can take advantage of these offers.

Member exclusive: interactive Member map

See where other NetHope Members are working, so you can better collaborate. This map is hosted on the NetHope NetWork, a place for our Members to connect, collaborate and learn. The NetWork is exclusively for NetHope Members, and if you work for a Member organization, we’d love you to join. Request entry here.



AI Ethics for Nonprofits Workshop at GDDF 2021


NetHope is excited to contribute to discussion about fostering inclusive and ethical practices in AI and host an AI Ethics workshop with USAID and Plan International. It's free!


The Assessment Data Model IDEA becomes reality


Find out how the collective action of some NetHope Members and partners, led by Microsoft Humanitarian Partnerships and, has resulted in an open-data standard which can enable real-time collaboration before, during and after emergency responses. And save lives.


Orbis and The Asia Foundation join NetHope


NetHope is thrilled to welcome its two newest Members: Orbis and The Asia Foundation. These two fantastic organizations join the nearly 60 leading nonprofit Members that make up the NetHope community, united with ground-breaking technology partners and visionary donors.




AI Ethics toolkit part 1: fairness and bias


Everything your organization needs to start tackling ethical questions around using AI.


USAID Digital Payments toolkit


Navigate the journey from cash to digital payments, with ten step-by-step modules.


Building a digital workforce


Firsthand insights on identifying ICT core competencies and managing distant learning.




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Member-only webinar


How do you create space for your employees to engage their purpose? In this webinar for NetHope Members, Akhtar Badshah, author of Purpose Mindset: How Microsoft Inspires its Employees and Alumni to Change the World, will explore how NetHope Members can move from a growth mindset to a purpose mindset, and in so doing make the world a better place.


Coming up:


April 27 ICT4D webinar!


Join us to explore the impact of Covid-19 on the global malaria response, to be updated on the different tools used to support malaria programs, and to discuss how data  can be used to measure the quality of those interventions.




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