20 years of collective action

June 2021
Dear Friends,
The recent hack on USAID has once again demonstrated how vital it is for the nonprofit sector to become cyber resilient. We need to imitate the lessons learned from the physical world of humanitarian aid, providing immediate cyber emergency response, but also building longer term resilience and disaster preparedness.
And we need to do it together.
NetHope is proud to occupy a space where we’re able to quickly gather leading organizations together to respond in moments of crisis, and it was great to collaborate with many of you shortly after the attack, to share advice and vulnerabilities. If you weren’t able to join us, find out more in our press release.
This month, the NetHope blog really showcases the power of collective action. We have two new blogs on AI in the nonprofit sector. The first comes from NetHope’s Africa Chapter, who share how they collaborated to create two chatbots, and the second is all about building responsible partnerships, sharing insights gained from our partnership with Microsoft. And, as we approach World Refugee Day on Sunday 20th June, in our third blog we share how we’re working with NetHope Member Team Rubicon to bring connectivity to refugees and migrants in Mexico.
We are currently working on a new blog series on data in the nonprofit sector, so do look out for that too, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to block out 15th-19th November 2021 in your diary for the NetHope Summit. We have 20 years of collective action to celebrate and build on, and you’re going to want to be part of it.

Warmly and in peace,

Lance Pierce
NetHope CEO



NetHope responds to USAID hack

In the face of immediate and serious threats to global nonprofits, NetHope is one of the first responders. The most recent battle in the cyber crisis is the hack of USAID that appears to be aimed specifically at international development, humanitarian and human rights agencies. Following this attack, NetHope collaborated with more than 100 leaders of global nonprofits and USAID.

Chatbots made in Africa

NetHope’s Africa Chapter has collaborated on two chatbots, working with NetHope and Microsoft to explore the application of chatbots in Africa. Read this blog to discover what they created, why and the lessons they learned through the process. Then check out the recording of  our June 15th webinar Lessons learned from building chatbots in Africa.



Connecting migrants and refugees in Mexico


Team Rubicon and NetHope have been working together to bring vital connectivity to refugees and migrants in Tijuana, Mexico. Using equipment donated by Cisco, NetHope and Team Rubicon have been installing networks in NGO centers, benefitting struggling migrants and refugees, and those seeking to respond. These networks are enabling displaced people to connect with loved ones and to access vital information, including information about Covid-19.


AI in the nonprofit sector: building effective partnerships


Partnerships are key to timely, impactful, and responsible adoption of AI in the nonprofit sector. Partnerships with the private sector, academia, and others can unlock access to resources, knowledge, and a greater impact at scale. But how do you create effective and responsible partnerships, that have long-lasting, positive impacts, particularly when collaborating around technology like AI? NetHope and Microsoft collaborated on this blog to share some key learnings and considerations.




Digital skills for a global workforce


Develop and implement digital skills frameworks and standards.


Get started with chatbots


The why, the what, and the how of chatbots in the nonprofit sector.


USAID digital payments toolkit


How to make the switch to digital payments.




Coming up:


22nd June: Understanding Risk-Informed Early Action Partnership (REAP)


Participants will walk away with a grounding in the why, what, where and how of early action, an understanding of REAP and how it works, and REAP partner insights into the value of the partnerships. Most importantly, participants will leave with some ideas about what value their work and organizations could bring to REAP and the broader early warning early action agenda.


In case you missed it:


15th June: Lessons learned from building chatbots in Africa


In summer 2020, NetHope and Microsoft partnered to enable NetHope’s Africa Chapter NGOs to integrate conversational AI into their processes. Hear how Africa Chapter members have used power virtual agents to develop tech support and knowledge sharing chatbots, and to access their templates.




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