20 years of collective action

July 2021
Dear Friends,
Many of you have been part of the NetHope community much longer than I have. Perhaps you were there at the very beginning, one of the small group of dreamers committed to bringing high-quality technology to the nonprofit sector and finding ways for it to benefit the world’s most vulnerable. Or perhaps, like me, you have joined along the way, getting caught up in the movement to utilize the best technology has to offer for the good of people and planet.
As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have taken some time to look at the incredible collective impact our community has had in the space of technology in the nonprofit sector, and the way our work and offering has evolved over the past two decades. We’ll be sharing more soon in our blog channel, and lots more at our 20th Anniversary Global Summit, so if you haven’t already do save the dates: 15th to 19th November 2021 and answer our Call for Speakers.
Technology has developed enormously over the last two decades, and a key consideration for all nonprofits now must be data. There has been an explosion in the availability of data, and most organizations now see the value in making data-driven decisions. But, as nonprofits, if we are going to use data, we must be at the forefront of using it ethically and effectively, protecting our program participants’ data in the same way we seek to protect their lives. This month, we share two blogs on data in the nonprofit sector. The first illuminates the nonprofit data journey, and the second considers achieving better data hygiene. I hope you find them helpful as you think about the use of data within your organization.

Warmly and in peace,

Lance Pierce
NetHope CEO



NetHope focuses on data

Data, data, data. At times it can feel like a four-letter word we love to hate.
Our use of the sudden abundance of data, and the mechanisms to produce and analyze it, are at the very core of the fourth industrial revolution. Data is essential to digital transformation, but it is also very complex to tame and manage to successful outcomes. In our first blog in our new series on data, we explore seven questions that help illuminate the nonprofit data journey.

Regional differences impact digital transformation

NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit has discovered that geography and cultural differences impact digital transformation, and our key findings may surprise you. Read the whitepaper for an insight into how your nonprofit organization needs to adjust your approach in order to succeed with your digital goals. See the global and regional results from the NetHope Digital Nonprofit Ability (DNA) assessment, hear from NetHope Members across the globe about digital trends in their region, and discover common roadblocks to digital transformation.



Key considerations for better data hygiene


Despite the abundance of data available to nonprofits, much of it remains underutilized – or not used at all. One of the reasons is poor data hygiene. NetHope hosted a round of consultations with data experts at several Members and INGOs about how nonprofits can make sure their data is accurate, credible, and properly utilized. Read the second blog in our data series for key considerations and steps that can help you better manage and utilize data. 


New NetHope Report: Facebook Data for Good population density maps and how they are helping the nonprofit sector


In recognition of World Population Day 2021, NetHope has released a report showing how Facebook’s high-resolution population density maps (also known as the high-resolution settlement layer or HRSL) are being used by NGOs to aid programs at a local and global level. The maps and demographic data are hosted on The United Nations Center for Humanitarian Data’s Humanitarian Data Exchange, and are freely accessible. 


First sponsors of NetHope Summit announced


Sponsorships for NetHope’s 20th Anniversary Global Summit are selling fast as we prepare to celebrate 20 years of collective action. “Our grateful thanks go to the organizations who have already chosen to sponsor our 20th Anniversary Summit,” says NetHope CEO Lance Pierce. “They are part of the NetHope community. A community that has accelerated digital transformation in the name of helping people and planet across the nonprofit sector for the last two decades.”




AI Ethics toolkit part 1: fairness and bias


Start tackling ethical questions around using AI in your nonprofit.


Get started with chatbots


The why, the what, and the how of chatbots in the nonprofit sector.


Digital skills for a global workforce


Develop and implement digital skills frameworks and standards.




Coming up:


Mapping with AI and Communities


Facebook works together with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to build better maps for organizations like MSF and UN Agencies using machine learning, satellite imagery, crowdsourced data and mapping, and local knowledge. Learn how your organization can benefit by using existing maps and data from the project, and work with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap's Team to fill in your own missing maps.


In case you missed it:


22nd June: Understanding Risk-Informed Early Action Partnership (REAP)


The why, what, where and how of early action. For a better understanding of REAP and how it works, check out the recording of this webinar. Most importantly, you will leave with some ideas about what value your organization could bring to REAP and the broader early warning early action agenda.




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