20 years of collective action

August 2021
Dear Friends,
Regardless of where you may be in the cycle of seasons in your part of the world, many in our community are trying to find time to get a break as we accelerate into the second half of 2021. Hopefully, that also means embracing those we haven’t seen in far too long. Where you are able to do so, I wish you safe travels and joyful reunions, and where you are not, I hope that you are able to have those reunions in the foreseeable future.
As we navigate the challenges and heartaches of this difficult time, I am reminded of the lifeline that my family, friends, and colleagues are for each other. The space that we co-create and hold for one another here in the NetHope community to speak, feel, and heal has also become an essential rhythm for our daily routine, and for building the culture here in the organization and more broadly. This to me is another example of how powerful our collective impact can be.

We think a lot about collective impact with our Members. It informs how we approach the work of convening our Membership, and it is the lens through which we see our Summit this November. Agenda submissions are in, and the list of topics couldn’t be more relevant or urgent. In the coming weeks we will be announcing who our speakers will be and share more about the finalized agenda. If you haven’t already done so, bookmark our Summit website as tickets will go on sale soon.

Not only are we celebrating our 20th anniversary, NetHope’s Africa Chapter just celebrated a 5th annual chapter meeting! You can read more here about that missed plane to Kigali, and then over to Ghana for an update on how NetHope is working to close the gender gap and expanding digital financial literacy for women.

As we continue to work with our Membership on strategic approaches to digital implementation, our Center for the Digital Nonprofit has just published an update about our approach to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets by 2030. The timing couldn’t be better as we have also just announced the relaunch of the updated IDEA Journey at nethope.org. I hope you find them helpful as you think about your organization’s strategic alignment and digital strategy.

Warmly and in peace,

Lance Pierce
NetHope CEO



Smart Phone, Smart Business

Now more than ever, we need to explore new ways of providing women with digital access and digital skills. In Ghana, with charitable funding from Visa, Inc., we’re testing how reducing the cost of smartphones can bridge the gap for women entrepreneurs through our new Smart Phone, Smart Business project. Learn more in our latest blog

When nonprofits move together, the world is changed for good.

NetHope Member organizations deliver over 60 percent of all annual, international, non-governmental aid to developing nations. In this, our 20th anniversary year, we have started an important initiative to analyze the strategic alignment of our nonprofit Members. To give a full ecosystem view we are also analyzing the governments that host these nonprofit’s aid and development programs, and the roadmaps of technology vendors who help support these vital missions. Learn more in our recent blog by Jean-Louis Ecochard



De l'Afrique au monde - From Africa to the world: Five years of African innovative tech excellence


“Once again, we missed that plane to Kigali…” We’ve just published a recap of our 5th annual NetHope Africa Chapter Meeting!

Written by Elizabeth Njoroge and Doreen K., recaps a conference that brought more than 70 participants from member organizations, speakers, partners, and friends of NetHope Africa together to share learnings, and build community.


Unlock 10X more impact: discover NetHope's IDEA Journey


How do you improve vaccine innovation, make your grants management more efficient, or scale up the number of refugees you’re supporting 200-fold? You start with an IDEA Journey. With the support of Microsoft, sponsor of the IDEA Journey and a founding partner of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, we have updated the IDEA Journey’s online presence, making it easier to explore and unlock impact for your team and the people your organization serves.


Summit speakers and tickets to be announced soon!


Sponsorships for NetHope’s 20th Anniversary Global Summit are selling fast, the agenda submissions are being approved, and big announcements are in the pipeline! If you haven’t already done so, bookmark our Summit website as tickets will go on sale soon.




In case you missed it:


What do program data and ordering a pizza have in common?


Did someone say pizza? 🍕 Grab a slice and check out the recording of our webinar with Oxfam’s, Amy O'Donnell, Melton Llenos and Richard Tighe. NetHope’s Head of Emerging Technologies Initiative, Leila Toplic hosted a lively presentation and discussion on the issue of fragmented data collection in the humanitarian sector.


In case you missed it:


Mapping with AI and Communities


Facebook works together with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to build better maps for organizations like MSF and UN Agencies using machine learning, satellite imagery, crowdsourced data and mapping, and local knowledge. Learn how your organization can benefit by using existing maps and data from the project, and work with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap's Team to fill in your own missing maps.




AI Ethics toolkit part 1: fairness and bias


Start tackling ethical questions around using AI in your nonprofit.


Get started with chatbots


The why, the what, and the how of chatbots in the nonprofit sector.


Digital skills for a global workforce


Develop and implement digital skills frameworks and standards.




Become a Member


Conservation and humanitarian efforts have more impact when they are empowered by data and technology. Join the NetHope Membership to unlock and accelerate this catalyst for your organization.


Partner with us

NetHope partners work with our Members, the world’s most effective impact organizations, to solve some of the toughest conservation and humanitarian challenges. Please support the NetHope community and accelerate positive impact for our planet its people!

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