20 years of collective action

November 2021
Dear Friends,
Our community came together for a milestone anniversary this past week at the annual NetHope Global Summit, and the full strength and depth of everyone and every organization in it was in evidence. We had unprecedented levels of participation in terms of numbers of participants, numbers of countries represented, numbers of different teams and departments represented within our Members and our technology partners, and in the kinds of stakeholders we hosted, 
from international program leaders, to leading thinkers and policy experts, to CEOs, and global funding organizations represented on the Summit stage. Everyone came to the NetHope virtual Summit for one or both of two reasons, which sit at the heart of this community: to share knowledge and learn from each other, or to work collectively for impact greater than the sum of our parts.
Despite this time of unprecedented challenges faced by our sector, the response of the NetHope community fills me with optimism. Over NetHope’s 20 year existence this community has always strived for greater impact thorough our collective use of technology. It is our Members, those on the front lines of serving humanity, whom we serve so that they in turn can serve the people and places central to their missions. This month our collective got a lot stronger. We are proud to welcome Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Corus International, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and Trek Medics, to our Member community.

Many of the urgent issues facing our Member organizations, and those we seek to partner with, are impossible to solve without fundamental changes to how our sector is funded. To that end, with a catalytic grant from Patterson Foundation NetHope has launched the Collective Impact Fund to address issues such as cyber security, and digital investments in the overhead and core systems of our Members. The Patterson seed monies have been matched by support from NetHope’s board and founding organizations, via a match from Accenture in our corporate partner community, and via various philanthropic sources. The Collective Impact Fund represents this community voting with its resources to work together on programming that will improve the effectiveness of Members and that will result in new efforts in the field to help more of those in need. NetHope has been undertaking a broad research effort—our 2030 Strategic Alignment—to identify those high value, high impact programs and interventions that the Fund was founded to help develop.

I hope the ongoing commitment of this community to improve our impact in the world together inspires you wherever you may be, as the first two decades of NetHope begin to recede into the history books, and a new decade of work together begins.
Warmly and in peace,
Lance Pierce
NetHope CEO



NetHope welcomes four new Members!


We are proud of the election of four new nonprofit organizations as Members during our November 3 Annual General Meeting, and announced during the first day of NetHope's 20th Anniversary Global Summit! NetHope welcomes Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Corus International, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and Trek Medics, to our community and we look forward to even more collective impact. Together.


NetHope Collective Impact Fund Launched!


CEO, Lance Pierce launched the fund Wednesday at NetHope’s 20th Anniversary Summit. “NetHope was founded on the belief that technology and collaboration can change the world,” said Lance. “In an age of competition and brand-centric promotion, I am excited to launch a Fund that is mobilizing the collective action of a great many impact-driven NGOs, technology companies and funders. These organizations know that together, we can create bigger, more sustainable change for people and planet.”


The NetHope Community turns 20!


“Looking back over twenty years of the collective impact that the NetHope Community has had on our world is mind blowing. It’s impossible to summarize even one of those years, so we have put together a retrospective for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Please share this widely with your colleagues and anyone who is curious about adding their efforts to our community.” – Lance Pierce


NetHope 20th Anniversary Summit: Lessons Learned & Looking Forward


Senior Director of Engagement, Dianna Langley, and Membership Manager, Robyn Baroh look back over 20 years of NetHope’s Global Summits: “So many strides have been made in the past twenty years just from one simple idea - we believe that through collaboration, technology can be used to change the world! And through this simple idea, we have indeed made a collective impact in the humanitarian, development, and conservation space.”


For Members: NetHope launches the “Women of NetHope Mentorship Program” 


Women within the NGO sector still face many barriers in their careers. According to Fair Share, “70% of INGO sector staff are women, but only 30% of those women reach the top of their organizations.” In Q1 of 2022, we are launching a mentorship program for women who want professional development and guidance. Join as mentor, mentee, or to be part of the Steering group.  The sign-up link for Members is here. (not sure if you work for a NetHope Member? See the list here.)


For Members: NetHope launches the ICT4D Working Group


The rate of uptake for digital tools and services has exploded over the last decade, and particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The ICT4D working group, a collaboration between NetHope and the ICT4D Conference, encourages shared learning and joint efforts among NetHope members in the following areas: Technology as an enabler; Technology to empower; Strategies for success.


Today, over 1 billion people still lack proof of identity


 … This puts them at risk of being invisible to those who can help them access essential services and support including food, housing, healthcare, education, and finance. Digital identity is inevitable. How we design it and use it is up to us. The time is now to get it right for the individuals and our society. Find out why nonprofits have a growing need for digital service delivery.




NetHope announces Strategic Alignment Initiative for the 2030 SDGs, publishes meta-analysis of 50+ nonprofit’s strategies

NetHope's Center for the Digital Nonprofit sponsors have enabled NetHope’s Strategic Alignment Initiative for the 2030 SDGs. Working with humanitarian stakeholders around the world, NetHope set forth to develop a strategic landscape assessment.
NetHope completes cybersecurity compliance assessment of a majority of Members

In the wake of the recent, multiple attacks on USAID and other U.S. government agencies, it’s clear that NGOs and the data they hold are increasingly attractive to those wishing to do harm. To that end, NetHope just completed an assessment of a majority of its Members in regard to their compliance with the cybersecurity controls as set out by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

NetHope joins GAIA

This week NetHope joined The World Economic Forum Global AI Action Alliance (GAIA), a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform designed to accelerate the adoption of inclusive, trusted, and transparent AI globally. GAIA brings together over 100 leading companies, governments, international organizations, non-profits, and others to pilot new approaches to ethical AI, scale adoption of best practices, and engage in real-time learning. If you have any questions, reach out to Leila Toplic. If you're looking to get started in AI, we recommend to review this AI & AI Ethics Primer.


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Elizabeth Njoroge of Christian Aid 

In the runup to our 20th Anniversary Summit we sat down with Elizabeth Njoroge of Christian Aid! She discussed her organization's impact as a Member of the NetHope Community, the power of technology, and as the Steering Committee Chair, what she is excited about at this year's Global Summit.



Revisit these timely webinars!


Digital Transformation at The Salvation Army: CRM, Analytics & Process


NetHope Member, The Salvation Army has developed a clear vision for digital transformation that includes increasing its fundraising, enhancing donor experiences, increasing internal efficiency, and supporting data-driven decision making.


NetHope Member consultation with UNESCO: Towards the Global Declaration for Connectivity for Education


On October 13th, NetHope and UNESCO hosted a consultation with NetHope members with interest in education and/or connectivity to gather input and ideas to further refine the new Global Declaration for Connectivity for Education and ensure it reflects a variety of perspectives. NOTE: Do you work for a NetHope Member organization? Login to the NetHope NetWork to discover more Member exclusives. (Note: you may be asked to register and create a User Login if you haven't already done so)




AI Ethics toolkit part 1: fairness and bias


Start tackling ethical questions around using AI in your nonprofit.


The One Skill You Need to Succeed in the Remote-First Workplace

In the first installment of the Virtual Facilitation Guide for Nonprofits, we share a virtual facilitation process and recommendations to create productive remote experiences that put people first.

Digital skills for a global workforce


Develop and implement digital skills frameworks and standards.






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