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January 2022

The evolution of the NetHope Effect and its collective impact

In his latest blog post, NetHope’s Jean-Louis Ecochard provides a thoughtful description of the NetHope Effect:

“Our research continues to show that the ‘NetHope Effect’ is real. We are witnessing this effect in the digital transformation efforts of nonprofits, advanced through NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit. It suggests that being part of a collective action approach provides greater opportunity for nonprofits to innovate and create greater impact around the world.”

Check it out and find out more about how NetHope “offers a unique space to network the networks, that does not exist anywhere else.”



Connectivity & Infrastructure: Notes from NetHope’s Global Summit


Duncan Drury, NetHope’s Connectivity and Infrastructure Working Group Lead, shares his reflections on our recent Global Summit: The ongoing challenges, and some exciting developments around connectivity in the humanitarian, development, and conservation sectors.


In case you missed it:


Rewiring education for youth on-the-move by rewiring how we collaborate


NetHope is proud to support the Connectivity Declaration launched at the RewirEd Summit in Dubai. Developed by UNESCO with the support of Dubai Cares, it proposes normative principles to steer the digital transformation of education. 


The NetHope Community turns 20!


“Looking back over twenty years of the collective impact that the NetHope Community has had on our world is mind blowing. It’s impossible to summarize even one of those years, so we have put together a retrospective for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Please share this widely with your colleagues and anyone who is curious about adding their efforts to our community.” – Lance Pierce




AI Ethics toolkit part 1: fairness and bias


Start tackling ethical questions around using AI in your nonprofit.


The One Skill You Need to Succeed in the Remote-First Workplace

The first installment of the Virtual Facilitation Guide for Nonprofits, provide remote experiences that put people first.

Four practical actions for innovating responsibly in the nonprofit sector


Knowing how to design, use, and govern technologies such as AI/ML in a responsible, humane, and impactful way is needed, now more than ever.




NetHope announces Strategic Alignment Initiative for the 2030 SDGs, publishes meta-analysis of 50+ nonprofit’s strategies

NetHope's Center for the Digital Nonprofit sponsors have enabled NetHope’s Strategic Alignment Initiative for the 2030 SDGs. Working with humanitarian stakeholders around the world, NetHope set forth to develop a strategic landscape assessment.
NetHope completes cybersecurity compliance assessment of a majority of Members

In the wake of the recent, multiple attacks on USAID and other U.S. government agencies, it’s clear that NGOs and the data they hold are increasingly attractive to those wishing to do harm. To that end, NetHope just completed an assessment of a majority of its Members in regard to their compliance with the cybersecurity controls as set out by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).




Considering AI/ML in your programs? These recent NetHope Webinars provide insights for a deep consideration of current tools and guidance in our sector:


Machine Learning in Mapping and Spatial Analysis


This session with Netherlands Red Cross 510, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and Catholic Relief Services focuses on examples of how machine learning was used to provide impact in mapping and improve the science of 'where.'


Artificial Intelligence Primer for Nonprofits with USAID


Learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how to incorporate AI/ML into nonprofit programs and projects.


Mapping With AI and Communities


How your organization can benefit by using existing maps and data from your projects, and work with Meta (Facebook) and NetHope Member, Humanitarian OpenStreetMaps Team to fill in the gaps in your own map data.


Lessons Learned from Practical Implementations of AI in the Humanitarian Sector


Over a billion people are either missing or underrepresented on digital maps of the world. People who are 'invisible' on the map are often disproportionately affected by disasters and disconnected.




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