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April 2022
Dear Friends,
There is no season where NetHope is not busy. Soon after our work earlier this year in the Philippines for Typhoon Rai/Odette, the Ukraine crisis galvanized the NetHope community, upending long-standing programs in that country, and forcing the relocation of many NetHope Member teams to neighboring countries to handle the burgeoning tide of refugees streaming into the heart of Europe. Working in partnership with NetHope Member organizations, NetHope has deployed a team to assess longer range needs on the ground for connectivity, access, and continuity of life for refugees. There will be a long tail of disruption in the wake of this war, and we and the Membership are looking to develop and position technological solutions for suffering people in that scenario. Stay tuned.
But in this season of bad news, there are some rays of light and hope here at NetHope. We are delighted to announce our new Digital Breakthrough Initiative in partnership with Cisco. Cisco, our oldest corporate partner, has reinvested in the next generation of NetHope’s work helping us reinvent our emergency response work around an agenda of preparedness, resiliency, and localization; helping launch a new Digital Protection effort to protect our NetHope Member organizations in a world of dramatically increasing cyber threats and crime; seeding new work on climate change while looking to identify digital and collective solutions at the intersection of NetHope’s unique community segments; and providing new core capacity building to help NetHope better serve its Members. This $15 million, 5-year grant will help NetHope help our Member organizations, the world’s leading impact nonprofits around the world achieve their missions in relief, development and conservation, better.

The NetHope Member community is also growing. At our April Member meeting just one short week ago, the community voted to accept three new Members: Helvetas, the oldest and largest development NGO in Switzerland, Food for the Poor, a large faith-based organization located in the United States with programming across the Caribbean basin, and France-based CGIAR, a global partnership of agricultural innovators for a food secure future. We welcome these organizations into the NetHope family and are looking forward to engaging them and their world class teams more deeply.

NetHope remains a place where world class peers can learn from one another, where the world’s leading technology innovators come together to support the humanitarian and conservation sectors, and where together we launch field and impact programming to do things that no one of us could do alone, and that provide valuable learning for those who would also seek to help.

Thank you for your participation in this community, and for your support of NetHope. There is no challenge too difficult when we are working together.

Warmly and in peace,



NetHope Announces $15 Million Digital Breakthrough Initiative with Support from Cisco


Driving emergency preparedness, support for nonprofit cybersecurity and launching new climate collaborations with the humanitarian sector.






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NetHope is testing assumptions about the global landscape by exploring local contextualization.


Like Prosecco and Parmesan, digitalization pairs strategically with humanitarianism

The importance of identifying the digital dimensions and interconnected digital ecosystems that inform effective cross-sector collaborations to amplify program impact.

Making a strategic (alignment) difference by 2030


We find evidence for optimism that collective action between large nonprofits and the tech sector could make the SDGs achievable.



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