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May 2022
The NetHope Effect – Collective Impact
It began as an idea—and an experiment. NetHope was about to turn twenty years old and the celebration of that milestone anniversary in November of 2021 was fast approaching. NetHope had sprung from an idea that the then-still-new internet had the power to democratize information; to deliver new kinds of human services and benefits; and to connect people around the world who otherwise would never have had the chance to meet. Since 2001, along with the evolving idea of what it means to be in a global community, the NetHope community of nonprofit Member organizations had grown considerably over the past two decades...
Read the rest of Lance's blog post about the early impacts Collective Impact Fund and the thoughtful guidance of The Patterson Foundation.


Money can’t solve the displacement crisis
With no change in current trends, the world may have less than 5 years until the global number of displaced people exceeds the resources available to help them - highlighting the urgency to amplify relief efforts through digital innovation and collective action.
Field Notes from Eastern Europe
The sight of people visibly exhausted by stressful and harrowing journeys lies side by side with challenges familiar to any traveler today. Duncan Drury, NetHope’s Lead on Connectivity, Infrastructure and Energy Programs has written an account of his recent assessment visit to Eastern Europe with Rakesh Bharania.

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To guide non-profits through the steps and best practices for implementing Data Governance within your organization, while keeping in mind the changing organization IT landscape, enterprise architecture and program deliverables.


ICT4D WEBINR: Digital skills for a global workforce


Develop and implement digital skills frameworks and standards.


Get started with chatbots

The why, the what, and the how of chatbots in the nonprofit sector.

WEBINAR: Artificial Intelligence Primer for Nonprofits with USAID


Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and how to ethically incorporate AI/ML into nonprofit programs and projects.




Advancing the Strategic Landscape


NetHope is testing assumptions about the global landscape by exploring local contextualization.


Like Prosecco and Parmesan, digitalization pairs strategically with humanitarianism

The importance of identifying the digital dimensions and interconnected digital ecosystems that inform effective cross-sector collaborations to amplify program impact.

Making a strategic (alignment) difference by 2030


We find evidence for optimism that collective action between large nonprofits and the tech sector could make the SDGs achievable.




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Conservation and humanitarian efforts have more impact when they are empowered by data and technology. Join the NetHope Membership to unlock and accelerate this catalyst for your organization.


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NetHope partners work with our Members, the world’s most effective impact organizations, to solve some of the toughest conservation and humanitarian challenges. Please support the NetHope community and accelerate positive impact for our planet its people!

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