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June 2022
21st Century Conflict; 21st Century Humanitarian Response: NetHope and Ukraine
Months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the human and economic toll continues to grow. More than six million Ukrainians have left the country since the start of hostilities, and more will surely follow. The NetHope community has been active since the beginning, with 35 NetHope Member organizations working in the country itself, and 43 more working in the surrounding countries to help serve the displaced. As the BBC noted a few short days after the start of the war, this conflict would be the first to introduce a new front line: the internet....
Read the rest of Lance's blog post where he describes the evolution of response efforts in the service of our Members' work, our longer term outlook, and a call to action with regard to this new normal.


If AI is the future, gender equity is essential
As the world faces many serious challenges — from climate change and poverty to displacement and social injustice – women and girls are key to tackling those issues and shaping future prosperity for all. Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with other digital tools, has the potential to help us address those challenges and open new opportunities...
Field Notes from Eastern Europe
In his latest blog, Nicholas Kerastas tells a story from the front lines of the humanitarian response in Eastern Europe, and the power of NetHope’s collective impact. It illustrates the importance of why humanitarians maintain neutrality and ignore political pressures to best respond to the needs of displaced persons. Especially in digital contexts.


FOR MEMBERS | Coming up: June 14
MEMBER WEBINAR | Collaboration, Coordination, and Technology: How nonprofits can maximize resources with Asana
Despite the limited resources at their disposal, it's imperative that nonprofits drive meaningful impact for the communities they serve. Learn how NetHope Member, Wildlife Conservation Society achieves mission-critical goals more efficiently with Asana–and how you can too.
Coming up: June 16
Unlocking the value of data through responsible data sharing
Join NetHope Members, CARE, SOS Children's Villages, and colleagues, DataKind when we explore how to enable responsible data sharing using data catalogues and synthetic data, how to share data with data owners (e.g., communities), how to ensure interoperability of both policies and tools, and how to enable human-centered, privacy-first, and secure data sharing.

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To guide non-profits through the steps and best practices for implementing Data Governance within your organization, while keeping in mind the changing organization IT landscape, enterprise architecture and program deliverables.




Our one-hour webinars feature short case studies or enlightening talks, followed by interactive Q&A sessions, encouraging the audience to post questions.


Accelerating Together: The Digital Skills Framework Library

An organized guide for what to know, learn, and do to better communicate, collaborate, solve complex problems, advocate, and create new ways of doing good in a world where digital is abundant.



Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and how to ethically incorporate AI/ML into nonprofit programs and projects.




Advancing the Strategic Landscape


NetHope is testing assumptions about the global landscape by exploring local contextualization.


Like Prosecco and Parmesan, digitalization pairs strategically with humanitarianism

The importance of identifying the digital dimensions and interconnected digital ecosystems that inform effective cross-sector collaborations to amplify program impact.

Making a strategic (alignment) difference by 2030


We find evidence for optimism that collective action between large nonprofits and the tech sector could make the SDGs achievable.




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