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January, 2023
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Dear NetHope community,

It’s an exciting time at NetHope, as we embark on a new year.

I am pleased to announce that our 2023 NetHope Global Summit will be held in Munich, Germany October 17-19 and virtually, October 23-24. This is a “best of both worlds” event, bringing back the interactive in-person experiences that power strategic collaboration, along with widely accessible virtual events, featuring Member-led sessions to foster strong global cross-collaboration and innovation.

With significant input from our Members and other key supporters, we are gearing up to develop a new five-year strategic plan. We are confident that this plan will enable us to strengthen the supports we provide our Members and the international NGO sector. In particular, our sector must deal with growing cyberattacks and the realities of a changed planet and we are building robust programming to address these threats. We look forward to sharing our forward-focused strategic direction with you in the coming months.

Our global team is gathering this month for our first in-person retreat, bringing together staff from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States to do what we do best – collaborate. Our goal is to plan for strategic scenarios that may impact our sector between now and 2030, bringing digital solutions and the power of collective action to bear.

Finally, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn about an upcoming training opportunity, read our featured articles, and note our upcoming and past events. The NetHope community is vibrant and active, with ongoing learning and collaboration between the nonprofit and technology sectors. We are eager to share what we’ve learned with you.
Wishing you a bright 2023.

Lance Pierce

NetHope's Digital Leadership Institute


We have launched the NetHope Digital Leadership Institute (NDLI), a professional development offering designed to build digital leadership skills within the nonprofit sector through a dynamic combination of interactive online and peer learning experiences.


We have secured support for 300 nonprofit executives and senior leaders to be trained at no cost over the two-year program. By increasing alignment on digital know-how in organizations, this training aims to unlock the potential for digital transformation, enabling greater impact.


Training is free and begins in May. Stay tuned for registration details.


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Spotlight: NetHope’s Emergency Preparedness and Response program

When disaster strikes, thanks to our Rapid Response Fund, we can quickly deploy an emergency response team to assess the situation on the ground and collaborate with local partners to develop long-term recovery and resiliency plans.

Climate Intersections at COP27:
We need people-centered solutions.

Read Lance Pierce's takeaways from COP27 and how NetHope's Climate Intersections work can help forge new solutions to the problems faced by people and communities living with a changing climate.
Upcoming Events
1.   Webinar with the United Way and Submittable on Feb 16th! Registration opens soon. Keep an eye on Webinars!
2.   Early 2024 -- the ICT4D Conference, Ghana. Founded by CRS and now powered by NetHope it will continue to be the go-to event for the global ICT4D community. Sign up for updates at
3.  Disaster Telecommunications Training and Workshop in Guatemala City in February-March 2023. Registration information here!
4.  Women of NetHope meets monthly. Members, learn more!
In Case You Missed It
1.   Webinar with Salvation Army and Heller Consulting: Building a Technology Roadmap for Fundraising and Communication Success.
2.  Blog: Strategically Stepping with Smaller Footprints by Nicholas M. Kerastas, Business Analyst at NetHope
3.  Blog: We Must Adapt to the Changing Climate Now by Leila Toplic, Head of Emerging Technologies Initiative at NetHope
4.  Blog: What’s next for AI in the nonprofit sector? by Leila Toplic, Head of Emerging Technologies Initiative at NetHope
5.  Blog: Introducing the Collective Action Framework by Leila Toplic (NetHope), Emma Bonar (Mercy Corps), Willem Nederstigt (War Child Holland)

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