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October 2019


Assessment tools help all nonprofits discover their DNA to accelerate digital transformation

NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit announced that its Digital Nonprofit Ability™ (DNA) Assessment is now available free to all nonprofits—not exclusively to NetHope’s 56 members. The Center also shared a new resource guide that documents an associated social impact accelerator, the IDEA Journey.



"What am I looking forward to most at Summit? Fail Fest!"
Nora Lindström, with NetHope member Plan International and an Agenda Steering Committee member, shares what she’s looking forward to most at this year’s NetHope Global Summit. 



Impact of Digital Currencies in the Nonprofit Sector

Join Leila Toplic, NetHope's Lead for Emerging Technologies, when she hosts representatives from NetHope members Mercy Corps, World Vision, Oxfam, and partner Kiva to discuss digital currencies in humanitarian and development contexts. Register now for this important discussion taking place October 10.

Learn more and register for upcoming NetHope Solutions Center webinars.



Check out the recording of a recent webinar given by NetHope's Disaster Response Team currently deployed in The Bahamas.




If disasters teach us anything, it’s the importance of communications in their aftermath. As NetHope coordinates with Bahamian officials, UN agencies, our nonprofit member organizations responding on the ground in the Bahamas, and our tech partners, it is clear that getting communications systems back up and running in the islands is absolutely imperative.


Rapid Forecasting of Cholera Risk in Mozambique

In spring 2019, Mozambique was hit with two devastating cyclones, sparking outbreaks of cholera. A multidisciplinary team of academics and humanitarian responders worked together to predict cholera spread and help prioritize areas at highest risk. In this special report, co-written with NetHope's Jennifer Chan, these teams share their experiences and lessons learned of how simple modeling techniques can be used to successfully forecast the outbreak spread. They also highlight some of the barriers to routine use of forecasting in crisis settings. The article is currently available in FirstView on Cambridge Core.

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