JOBS Product Released as a New Addition to the TreePlotter™ Software Suite

PlanIt Geo™ has a long-standing reputation for building urban forestry specific software that is web-based and dynamic. Over the last year, we applied this experience to our newest addition to the TreePlotter™ software suite, TreePlotter™ JOBS.

JOBS was designed to help tree care companies to grow their business. Using the power of data visualization in a map setting, enhanced ability to communicate and present recommended tree work to clients and crew members. By leveraging the power of easy to use and intuitive software, users will win more work while improving production efficiencies with modern estimation, scheduling, and work order management. Read complete press release.

PlanIT Geo™ is offering steep discounts to early adopters! Book a demo today and get a discount code for 50% off the first 6-months of your subscription at purchase.

First Look at TreePlotter™ JOBS

Get a first look at our newest map-centric web application built and designed specifically for tree care companies. JOBS is a cloud-based, mobile friendly tool with powerful features, providing your company and clients with an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Feb. 12th at 12pm MST

GNSS Accuracy Study

A partnership between PlanIT Geo and Frontier Precision was established with the goal to provide GNSS information and solutions.    This study explored the integration of 3rd party GNSS receivers with data collection devices and the capability of TreePlotter INVENTORY to adapt to the high accurate location provided by a GNSS receiver.

Feb. 19th at 12pm MST

TreePlotter™ Integration

An integration is the result of connecting two software systems so they share data and work together as a whole. TreePlotter™ is designed to work with other systems through integration in a variety of ways. Let's look at a few examples of how cities are using TreePlotter™ today as part of their software landscape.

Feb. 26th at 12pm MST
Trinity College Campus Tree Inventory
PlanIT Geo's Certified Arborists have conducted a complete tree inventory of Trinity College's campus, located in Hartford, Connecticut. This survey collects important species, conditions, and even risk ratings on trees over 12" in diameter. Company staff of seven arborists have collected data on 1,654 trees.

Got Tree Canopy Data?
An urban tree canopy assessment was completed for your city, what's the next step? Urban tree canopy assessments are a stepping stone to larger and more engaged collaboration to improve and sustain a healthy urban forest. One example of this collaboration is the Treasure Valley Canopy Network, based in Idaho.

TreePlotter™ Works With Your Software
Take a look at a few examples of how cities are using TreePlotter™ today as part of their integrated software landscape. TreePlotter is designed to work with other systems and to integrate in a variety of ways. Read the full article and make sure to register above for our Feb 26th at 12pm MST webinar, TreePlotter™ Integrations.

Project Notes: Geospatial Mapping Services
PlanIT Geo™ is an industry leader in urban tree canopy assessments, green infrastructure mapping, and web-mapping applications. We provide personalized services to communities of all sizes, federal, state, and local government organizations, and even private landowners. Read through our current project notes to keep up-to-date on emerging outcomes and potential opportunities. 

Project Notes: Urban Forestry Consulting Services
PlanIT Geo™ provides personalized urban forestry consulting services to achieve short and long-term goals. Your plan will be developed using proven industry tools: Urban Forest Sustainability and Management Audit, SWOT Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement Exercise, Urban Forest Criteria, Performance Indicators, Measurements and Milestones, and Vibrant Cities Lab’s Community Assessment and Goal-Setting Tool. Read our project notes on a few of our current projects and initiatives.


  • TimBer Property Consulting, VT
  • Archon Tree Services, Inc., WA
  • ArborPro Tree Experts, OR
  • City of Artesia, CA
  • Big Trees Project, Bangkok, TH
  • Asociatia Parcul Natural Vacaresti, Romania
  • Town of Newmarket, ON
  • East Grinstead Town Council, UK
  • Eastfield College, TX
  • City of Salem, OR - CANOPY
  • Oasis Tree Service, MO
  • RichView Consulting, NJ
  • First Ecology, UK
  • City of Orlando, FL
  • Hendricksen Tree Care, IL

  • Bob’s Tree Preservation, LA
  • McMaster University, ON
  • Mountain View College, TX
  • Titan Tree Care, AZ
  • Weston Golf Course, ON
  • Trinity College, CT
  • Gachina Landscape Management, CA
  • Josiah Lockard and Associates, TN
  • Presidio National Park Trust, CA
  • Ossabaw Consulting, GA
  • Oxfordshire County Council, UK
  • Grand Forks Parks District, ND
  • True Tree Service, FL
  • City of London, UK

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Jacob Caggiano, TreePlotter™ Account Executive, works on the sales team, with a special talent for surfacing real challenges that matter most to our customers. He has an extensive background in software development, business strategy, and visual storytelling. Take the opportunity to read Jacob's blog post to learn more about his experience, thoughts inspirations in urban forestry. Blog Post: More Than Just Trees...
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