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Gearing Up And Planning For Next Year

Plan-It Geo Is Hiring

We're hiring an exciting new position, a Software Account Executive, to assist our sales team in Tree Plotter and Parks Platter software sales development. In the last year, we have tripled our team, provided innovative inventory and management software to 200+ clients totaling 4,000+ users, including the development of partnerships across the globe to promote Tree Plotter internationally. We are a fast growing company looking for someone passionate about business, technology and trees. Help us continue our mission of mapping the world's urban forest for a greener future. Is that you? Learn more about the position. 

Software and Services

Completed projects

King County Conservation District Tree Canopy Assessments
12 cities, 6 geographic scales, assessment reports and fact sheets.

Wichita, KS Tree Canopy Analysis
Urban areas in KS have lost nearly 54,000 trees due to extreme weather conditions and forest health issues. 

Release of Shoreline, WA Report
Recent analysis shows a 6% increase in canopy coverage compared to 2011 canopy analysis. A complete report of the analysis and figures.

Release of Bellevue, WA Report
The city has been monitoring urban forest canopy since 1998, providing $39 million in air pollution removal, $ 2.8 million in stormwater abatement, and $51 million in stored carbon.

Tree Inventory
- Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston, WV
- Wilde Lake Park, MD
- Lakeway, TX

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tree plotter

Software add-on modules worth taking a second look at!
V2 of Offline Collector was released to all current clients. Including new design and layout, improved photo storage on iOS devices, and new organization (client site) functionality. 

Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) has visually responsive circles reflected on the map for TPZ and CRZ (Critical Root Zone).

Creating Partnerships
Across the Globe
In an effort to broaden our reach we have created partnerships with local clients and experts. We are excited to see what the future brings.

United Kingdom


South Africa


new projects

Charlotte, NC Tree Canopy Analysis
Ranked 13 out of 20 as "America's fastest-growing cities" in 2016, high rate of development is often associated with canopy loss. Assessment will provide tools to create and redesign canopy preservation strategies.

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Tree Canopy Analysis
Creating of a baseline and benchmark of tree canopy cover for urban/urbanizing areas of eight counties, seeing exponential development. This analysis will give them the ability to create canopy projections and goals.

Tree Inventory Projects
- City of Charlotte, NC
- Puerto Rico hurricane damage assessment with Earth Advisors

Claremont, CA Strategic
Management Planning
Ongoing, currently engaging in second round of three Community Outreach Meetings. 

New Tree Plotter Clients
  • Mickman Brothers (MN)

  • Coulson Brothers (Ontario)

  • City of Courtenay BC

  • Rossco’s Tree Service (Alberta)

  • Arbor Stone Landscaping (CA)

  • Arbor Survey (AUS)

  • Sherwood Tree Service (FL)

  • Barrancabermeja (Columbia)

  • City of Burlington (Ontario)

  • Pramuk, Trees & Associates LLC (CA)

  • RVZ Consulting & Contracting Arborist (S. Africa)

  • City of West Palm Beach (FL)

  • Osceola County (FL)

  • Mariposa Landscapes (CA)

  • Seton Hall University (NJ)

  • ClimbingHI (HI)

  • Ned Patchett Consulting (CA)

  • Independent Arb (AUS)

  • Dallas Arboretum (TX)

Company News and Events


Orange County, CA
Nov. 5-8

Charlotte, NC
Nov. 8-10

Staff Highlights

getting out of the office

Team members from the Arvada, CO office spent some time outside and took a team building camping trip into the mountains. What a blast! 



We would like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to Alex Dillion and Dan Petrovich! They embarked on the great adventure of tying the knot this summer. 



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