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JOBS on Track To Launch January 2020
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AR enhances our experience of what's around us. TreePlotter™ INVENTORY now allows you to view nearby trees plotted within an application just by holding up a mobile device. Read Blog Post

Release of the new add-on module Development Survey in the UK. Built specifically for consultants working on development sites. Giving the ability to import CAD files visible in reference layers. Contact sales to learn more

TreePlotter™ CANOPY will be receiving some exciting new features in the coming months. All apps will be able to display land cover raster data layers, show source values for each tree planting prioritization criteria, and carry over selected features from View to Plan to Grow for a complete planning process. These new features will allow for increased interaction with the data for our clients, better transparency of the data we produce, and a more comprehensive tool for using the canopy cover and plantable space data to plan grow scenarios.

TreePlotter™ JOBS LAUNCH
January 2020 we will be releasing our newest product, JOBS! This product is designed for tree care companies looking to grow their business. Want to be in the know? Be the first to learn about release dates, testing, first glimpses at screenshots, and much more. Sign up today!




We’re continuing to work with Texas Trees Foundation on their regional tree planning efforts. Earlier in 2019, we assessed canopy cover throughout Dallas County. We are now working in all urban areas of neighboring Collin County which includes Plano, McKinney, and Frisco among others.

The Metro Denver Nature Alliance (MDNA) is a coalition of local partners working to "ensure more equitable access to nature and to promote healthy people, communities, and natural places." They will be undertaking a Regional Conservation Assessment of the Denver-Metro area and surrounding watersheds to identify existing and new opportunities to create high-quality, connected, and climate-resilient habitat and to facilitate the integration of health, recreation, and access to nature. PlanIT Geo has been asked to serve on the Technical Advisory Team to offer insight into available GIS datasets and analysis techniques.

Our partners in Australia, Homewood Consulting, were asked to perform a tree canopy health assessment in a small park in Bendigo, Australia. Activity from Grey Headed Flying Foxes has had a significant impact on their trees, and the City wants to measure this impact over the last ten years. We will be using multispectral imagery from three different years to look for any declines in individual tree canopy.

Salem, the state capital of Oregon, assessed their tree canopy cover and plantable space in 2009. As a result of that study, the city code was amended to have a tree canopy assessment performed every ten years to monitor the urban forest and measure any changes. Ten years later, we are helping the City to locate and quantify changes that have occurred in the last decade.




To engage the public in the planning of their urban forest, an urban forest management plan website, developed by PlanIT Geo, was launched for the City of Tacoma. The site includes plan components, timeline, public meeting notices, public surveys, definitions, partners, and much more. Nearly 1,500 responses were received for the first round of public surveys and the second survey is open until the end of October 2019. Both surveys have been translated into Tacoma's five most common languages and provided via SurveyMonkey and imbedded on the project website. View the project website at

Urban Forest Management Plan & Inventory - our first Urban Forest Management Plan for an Ohio community will follow the same planning framework implemented for other projects. Extensive information gathering and research will be conducted following the US Forest Service's Urban Forest Sustainability & Management Audit system to guide the development of the UFMP. This Plan will include an analysis and summary of the newly collected tree inventory data, program recommendations, and a tree management approach that provides recommendations, schedules, and budgets for tree management activities such as priority removals, routine pruning, young tree training, and planting. The Plan will provide a vision for the long-term urban forest and the strategies to achieve this.

Urban Forest Management Plan - our Urban Forestry Consulting Services team is in the process of completing an Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Colorado Springs. This project includes an analysis of the urban forest, an audit of the existing conditions and operations including urban forestry code reviews and revisions, benchmarking research of comparable cities, and implementation of the criteria and indicators (C&I) for urban forest planning and management based on our findings. This C&I assessment will identify the City's baseline conditions to inform the development of strategies to achieve a variety of potential management scenarios or levels of service.

Better Your Technology. Better Your Forest.

Welcome Our New Software Clients 
  • Verdaus (UK)
  • Network Rail SE (UK)
  • NatureScape, LLC
  • RvZ (South Africa)
  • Symbiosis Tree Care
  • Greene Tree Care
  • Grandview Heights Parks and Rec
  • City of Jacksonville, FL
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Cutting Edge Tree Services (AU)
  • State of Oregon
  • Coast Landscape Management
  • Tacoma Trees Foundation
  • Dyav arboristas
  • Meridian Tree Experts

  • Dylan Dixon Tree Services
  • Lane Cove NSW (AU)
  • RR Tree Service
  • Rutgers University
  • Arborcraft (AU)
  • Coral Springs, FL
  • Evergreen Landscape
  • Tree Culture (AU)
  • Pennoni
  • Sheridan, WY
  • 360 Community Management
  • King County Parks, WA
  • Wharton NIC (UK)
  • Commercial Tree Care
  • Seed Arboriculture (UK)


Let's connect in person and hope we see you at one of these events where we'll also have some great giveaways!

New Jersey Shade Tree Federation
Atlantic City, NJ Oct. 24-25

Illinois Arb Association
Tinley Park, IL Nov. 5-6

National Tree Officers Conference
Town of Reading, UK Nov. 6

TCI Expo Annual Conference
Pittsburgh, PA Nov. 7-9

Partners in Community Forestry & Society of Municipal Foresters Conf
Cleveland, OH Nov. 18-21

American Society of
Consulting Arborist
New Orleans, LA Dec. 8-11

We are planning our 2020 conference schedule as we speak, reach out if you would like to see us at your event. Email



Get to Know TreePlotter™ INVENTORY: Take a deep dive into TreePlotter™ INVENTORY. Learn about all the features and functionality including the HUB, reports, filtering, mapping features, charts and tables, and much more. Register

TreePlotter™ Case Study with Seton Hall University: Learn firsthand how TreePlotter™ INVENTORY is being utilized by Seton Hall University to engage and educate it's students, and partner with the local South Orange Environmental Commission. Register

Prioritize Inventory and Maintenance on County and Citywide Projects: Learn how to prioritize risk in an urban setting, how to implement TRAQ within a comprehensive tree inventory assessment and how to implement a risk management program. Register

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A public meeting to discuss the City of Troy's Community Forest Management Plan. September 26, 2019. View Recording

Chris Peiffer on Troy's Community Forest Management Plan. Listen to Podcast

Map, Manage, Repeat by Carrie Asselmeier. Our urban forests grow and diminish throughout the years due to varying levels of urban development, natural disasters, and local climate trends. The ups and downs of urban forests can be drastic or moderate, making it difficult to measure trends in canopy over short timeframes or during periods of low growth. Read Full Article

Why Software As a Service (SaaS) by Frank Mastrobuono. There’s a reason why subscription-style platforms, also called ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), have become so popular as technology has developed. They’re faster, cheaper, and more efficient than standalone installations, and because they’re web-based, there is no installations to make, ever. Read Full Article

Connecting Continents: Urban Forestry

Our Founder & CEO, Ian Hanou, recently returned from a once in a lifetime trip to Asia. While traveling, he engaged in meetings, seminars, and workshops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tainan learning from experts in Asia and sharing our experience to showcase innovative technology and practices used in the US. Many thanks to our Software partner Ghim Yew Boo for helping to make this trip a success and we are honored to have met so many passionate professionals. Read Connecting Continent Article and Follow Ian Hanou on LinkedIn

Have You Met Cherry? 

Cherry Drudge-Coates is Head of Customer Support for our clients in the UK. Or if you happen to call in the middle of the night here in the US you might get a chance to speak with her. It is vital to PlanIT Geo as we grow to continue to provide responsive and high-quality support, and that means all of our clients! Cherry also will contribute to the development of how-to videos, and we are so happy to have her as part of our growing team.



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