November's Bottom Lines includes technology gamechangers, plus the latest Chat with the Chairman and more!

Chat with the Chairman

Join CFMA Chairman Kevin Booth every month as he talks to those who help shape CFMA into the organization it is.

In the seventh episode, Chairman Kevin sits down with Mike Hoover, President, CEO & Chairman of the Board at Sundt, to learn more about his passion for cars, his career with Sundt, and more!

Technology: A Gamechanger for
“The Close”
Construction financial managers are very familiar with the long hours and frustrations that often accompany closing the books. “The close” has been around for as long as records have been kept, and historically, much of the process was done manually. See what role technology can play in this year's, and future, closing processes.
Voices of CFMA
At the beginning of November, CFMA sat down with Steve Freinberg from ClearView Group in the Baltimore Metro Area for Voices of CFMA. He shares his experience working in the industry and share insights on how to use the 2020 Financial Benchmarker to benefit your company. 

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Call for Sessions Submissions

The call for proposals is underway! CFMA’s Conference Program Committee is seeking submissions for a limited number of topics including: Construction Real Estate - General Member Perspective, Merger & Acquisition/Succession Planning, Lean Construction/Modular Construction, Risk During Project Scheduling, Indirect Costs, and others. 

The complete list of topics and submission information can be found here

Is It M for Thousand & MM for Million, or K for Thousand & M for Million?

While the fields of accounting, banking and finance have adopted the Roman tradition, other fields such as computer programming and high tech have adopted Greek-influenced abbreviations. Mixing traditions can make things confusing. It is an imperfect world, here are some reasons why.
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COVID-19 Resource Center Updates

CFMA has compiled a variety of resources to help CFMs understand how COVID-19 will impact their organizations and steps they can take to navigate this pandemic.


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