March's Bottom Lines includes interviews with members on setting goals, Chat with the Chairman, and more!


Join CFMA Chairman Kevin Booth every month as he talks to those who help shape CFMA into the organization it is.


In the eleventh episode, Chairman Kevin sits down with the Vice Presidents of CFMA, Samantha Lake, Brian Summers, and Cathy Wasner to talk about CFMA's goals for the year, their careers with CFMA, and more! Catch all past episode here.

CFMA's podcast, Voices of CFMA is all about our members sharing their stories from, and experiences in, the construction industry.
For this month's episode, CFMA had a chance to talk with Chairman Kevin Booth about his experience as Chairman of CFMA, his transition from hospitality accounting to construction accounting, and what he has planned for the future. 



Networking doesn’t just occur on LinkedIn or at a formal networking event – an easy way to meet new people and develop industry connections is by volunteering with CFMA. Volunteering gives you the chance to strengthen existing skills, while developing new ones.


Reserve you spot in the open house for March 12 at 3 p.m. and learn how you can leverage opportunities at CFMA to build a better career.

Founded by the National Association of Women in Construction (AWIC), March 7-13, 2021 is Women in Construction week.
CFMA is taking the week to shout out the women of CFMA on our social media. Make sure to check out our Twitter, as well as the hashtag #WICWeek to see how everyone else is celebrating women and the contributions they made to the construction industry. 

Goal setting in the first quarter is an important exercise in creating expectations for employees and companies in order to achieve growth and success for the year, especially after one filled with so many roadblocks that threw off so many plans in 2020.


CFMA sat down with a few members at the beginning of the year to discuss their goals for 2021. Read what they have planned for the year and share your goals in the Connection Café thread to keep yourself on track! 


A New Website Is Coming!

At the end of the month, CFMA will be launching a brand new website featuring a robust content hub with more than 500 easy to find articles from Building Profits Magazine, Talking Trades, Talking Heavy, Bottom Lines, Confindex, and new digital only content!
This easy-to-use site will look great on all of your devices and feature a custom members-only toolbar that appears when you are logged in and will serve as centralized location for all your member benefits. We will be sending out an email to all members when we get closer to launching.
You’re bidding on a new project and the surety company says you need to increase your bank line of credit.
Why, you may ask, do I need so much credit when I’ve never used it before? Learn more about this request from Old Republic Surety.
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Upcoming CFMA Programs/Events:
Connection Café Break

Is work keeping you busy? You may have missed some conversations on CFMA’s Connection Café.

COVID-19 Resource Center Updates

CFMA has compiled a variety of resources to help CFMs understand how COVID-19 will impact their organizations and steps they can take to navigate this pandemic.


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