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September 2020 -  Newsletter

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We're excited to begin sharing with you a platform that we've been developing that will not only bolster the services we provide to your organization but will also empower you with a holistic view of your network infrastructure, centralized reporting, support tickets, quotes, agreements, and more. Our goal is to deliver as much or as little information as you want so that you can: have a consolidated view of your technology systems, plan for the future with overviews on hardware warranties and software licenses, and have a better account of the support engagement between your organization and VNET. Finally, we will also be offering online training in various subjects and curated knowledge base articles to suit your business all within the same portal. We'll be sharing more details in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox. If you would like to sign-up for an advanced preview of the VNET App, click here to complete our beta request form


–The VNET Team

VNET Service Spotlight - Anatomy of a Sentinel Catch

VNET's Barracuda Sentinel is a security solution designed specifically to protect companies from phishing and account takeover attacks. Due to COVID-19, the VNET security team has seen a dramatic increase in account takeover attempts with the goal of infiltrating key systems to disable networks for ransom or to intercept sensitive financial data to redirect funds to offshore accounts. Sentinel integrates directly into Microsoft 365 and works silently in the background to learn the unique communication patterns of your company. This allows Sentinel to identify and stop communication anomalies like a spear-phishing attack. This is real-time protection against email threats that get through traditional security gateways.

To show you how this works and why it’s so important, we have dissected an attack that was stopped by Barracuda Sentinel. We have removed the details to protect the privacy of the customer.


VNET's Barracuda Sentinel product can be added to any existing Microsoft 365 account. Contact the VNET team for a Risk Free Email Security Scan of your Microsoft 365 environment to determine if any of your accounts are at risk.


We're a 2020 Pinnacle Partner Award Winner!



Sangoma has recognized VNET as one of their top performing partners with the annual Pinnacle Partner Awards.

Velocity Network is recognized among businesses and individuals that are not only true leaders in the industry, but they are respected members of their local communities as well. They work hard before, during, and after the sale is completed to ensure the customer’s buying journey surpasses all expectations.


VNET Radio Podcast



Each month, VNET tackles a new technology topic for our monthly podcast, VNET Radio. Listen to our latest or check out any episode in the archive.

Not into podcasts? You can also listen to us LIVE on iHeart Radio AM1400, or listen via the iHeart Radio App. Click below for the Live Broadcast schedule, embedded podcast, blog, and instructions on how to subscribe via your favorite podcast platform.

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Explore the Mid-Year Update to the 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report
With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020, cybersecurity entered uncharted territory. As organizations worked to connect and secure millions of new remote workers, opportunistic attackers began seizing on the distraction, confusion and lack of preparedness surrounding the pandemic.
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Playlist of the Month

This month's playlist, Petabytes & Tunes, comes from Mike Wiertel. As the youngest of the Wiertel males, Mike has had to forge his own path. In his early years, he dominated his older siblings in Goldeneye 64 and Halo as "Dr. Doak." Not content to "PWN" just from the couch, he pushed himself in the weight room, preparing himself for when he might have to fight a bear for food.


Today, Mike is a laser focused technician. He's also married to a beautiful wife and owns a house. He accomplished all of this while listening to this playlist.


Game of the Month

Lonely Mountains Downhill is not a new release, but thanks to Microsoft Game Pass, it's new to me! The premise is simple, get your biker down the mountain safely as fast as you can. The controls are simple, the graphics are sparse but pleasing to the eye, and sound effects are serine, but don't let all of that fool you, this game is a challenge. It's one of those rare games where you can pick it up at any time and just relax. If you fail, in seconds you can restart from the last check point on the mountain.

Available on: Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Movie of the Month
/the social dilemma is a Netflix documentary that gives a peak behind the current of the world's biggest tech companies and how they use our data to monetize their social media platforms. This documentary-drama contains insights from industry veterans who don't have an axe to grind, but are simply wanting the world to take a careful look at how our constant connection to social media can take it's toll on our mental health and civilization as a whole. If you haven't seen this already, we cannot recommend it enough. 

Available on: Netflix

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