OneDrive, VNET Fiber Update, New Podcast, Baby Lemur Pups, Entertainment Recommendations and More!
July 2020 -  Newsletter
6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using OneDrive for Work

Designed for business — access, share, and collaborate on all your files from anywhere.


What if I told you there was a service that would offer greater efficiency, file security, and peace of mind if embraced by your organization? Sounds pretty good, right? It's possible you already have it. That service is OneDrive for work.


Let's take a look at some of the main features of OneDrive for work.

Erie Zoo Live Stream

Lemurs love VNET Fiber



We have the distinguished pleasure to power the Erie Zoo's first ever live streaming endeavor of three Lemur pups that were born on May 22nd! Check out the live stream on the Erie Zoo website seven days a week between 11 AM and 4 PM.

The birth of these pups is especially exciting for the world of conservation as black and white ruffed lemurs are critically endangered!


VNET Radio Podcast



Each month, VNET will be featuring a new topic for our monthly podcast on VNET Radio. Not into podcasts? You can also listen LIVE on iHeart Radio (AM1400) or via the iHeart Radio App. Check out our website below for the Live Broadcast schedule and instructions on how to subscribe via your favorite podcast platform. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.


A VNET Fiber Update

2020 has been shaping up to be a big year for the growth of VNET Fiber. The engineering hurdles lessened behind the scenes, and the cost per pole has come down in many areas. The team is currently on track for meeting our goal of running ready to tap fiber past 2,100 eligible homes across 20 zones through the county. Internally the VNET Fiber team has been ramping up for residential growth. Recently they welcomed a new VNET Fiber team member, Justin, and there is an additional fleet vehicle is being wrapped for "official" VNET Fiber use.

The VNET Fiber HDTV service also just debuted HBO Max alongside the premium TV service. All VNET Fiber customers who have HBO Premium added to their TV service are automatically given a membership to HBO Max ($14.99/mo. value.) VNET Fiber TV is also now available on the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, and Google Play, so now you can watch VNET Fiber TV almost anywhere without a set-top box.

For July, we've consciously worked to make this newsletter free of "that word." You know, the one that's turned 2020 on its ear. It's everywhere and it affects almost everything, but we thought a section where we make some digital entertainment recommendations would be good to help us keep our minds off it a bit. Our plan is to sample some of the top picks in the genres of music, gaming, television, and film from various VNET staff members. Let us know if you like this section or if you have some recommendations of your own that you'd like to share. Email: Hope you enjoy!
VNET Music Playlist
Nobody asked for it, but we thought it might be fun to feature a monthly playlist curated by one of our staff members or departments. This month's list comes from our marketing department so expect some EDM/pop mess. While no one band or music genre can truly represent all things VNET, we think you might find some bangers in this playlist you might get down with.

For the best experience, you'll want to install Spotify on your mobile device or PC, but you can listen to the preview at the link below.
Summer Gaming
Ever feel like leaving the planet for a little reprieve? No Man's Sky (from Hello Games) might just be the game for you! Available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, this procedurally generated space exploration game can be enjoyed in almost any way that suits your tastes. Discover planets, creatures, and wildlife. Build and craft bases, or simply venture out in the galaxy, engage in dogfights, and upgrade your ship. Play solo or join up with friends. With the free Desolation expansion out this week, there is no better time to start playing.
This World War I movie by Sam Mendes is a master class in movie making. From the opening frames to the closing, every moment has weight and purpose. Cinematographer Roger Deakins won an Oscar for his work creating what appears to be a single shot throughout the film. The payoff for this technical achievement is extraordinary and delivers an unforgettable viewing experience.

1917 is available to rent, stream or buy on most digital platforms.

Healthy Connections
Healthy Connections on Erie News Now
Each week, our own Matt Wiertel represents VNET for the Erie News Now segment called Healthy Connections. Every Wednesday, Matt discusses different topics that intersect technology, lifestyle, and health. On our Healthy Connections page, we also have a companion article to supplement the video segment. There is something for everyone, so check it out.

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