Weigh up the benefits for your processing facility, with patented capacitive weighing technology.

Capacitive technology developed by Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S is patented worldwide and is applied into their current range of high quality, robust industrial sensors, now available from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd. The range includes:

* Digital Load Cells
* Load Cells (Weighing Modules)
* Scales
* Digital Weighing Indicators

Featuring a number of advantages compared to other technologies used in transducers for measuring force and weight, capacitive technology gives high accuracy (up to 99.99%), outstanding reliability, simple mechanical and electrical installation, and minimal maintenance for use in tough and demanding industrial applications.

Produced in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP68 by laser welding, load cells are available in capacities up to 500 tons with a broad range of instrumentation.

Have a question about weighing solutions required in your processing plant?

When it comes to Heat Exchangers, size matters!
These whopping 3500kg Gasketed Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers will be used as ammonia evaporators. Boasting high energy efficiency, flexible configuration, easy serviceability and low operating costs, the T20 line from Alfa Laval performs under high pressure, even for the most demanding applications!

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd supply our Heat Exchangers with full traceability and are available with a range of options and documentation to suit all customer requirements.

Turn up the heat on Valentines Day with VenAir Group Highly Flexible Electric Heated Silicone Hose.


Specially recommended for viscous products like caramel, chocolate, honey or glycerine, which need to ensure a constant temperature to help maintain the fluidity of the conveyed product.

With its fully integrated electrical system, the VenAir Heated Hose ensures highly smooth product finish by providing a regular temperature along its length.

Download the VenAir Heated Hose Data Sheet here for more information: 


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Recommended and supplied by Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd, you can rely on Daniatech Mixing Solutions to provide the consistent results needed in your processing facility. Want to be sure of this? Test before you Invest! - Read More Here...


A big welcome to Eifion Jones who has come to @Industrial Trading Solutions as Applications Development Manager.


With a strong sales and engineering background, Eifion has worked within the food and pharmaceutical industries for over 30 years, including nearly a decade with Alfa Laval. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in processing systems, multi-discipline project management and experience in providing turnkey solutions to a broad industry base.


Originally from Ellesmere Port, Eifion moved down to Wolverhampton 35 years ago to work with Peter Jeans on the early development of Alfa Laval Flow Equipment.


He and his wife have three daughters who live around the country and alongside visits with them, they love to travel around the world, having been as far afield as Mexico, USA, Canada, Vietnam, and Thailand. They were also married on the beautiful island of Mauritius.


Beside travelling his other passion is for buying and selling antiques and can often be found at the local antiques fairs at the weekend, selling, or adding to his already wide range of collectables from ancient Chinese artefacts, time pieces, war memorabilia, silver, roman artefacts and jewellery.


Eifion is a is also a long time Liverpool supporter, although more from the armchair nowadays, and a lover of all kinds of music, stemming from his management of a nightclub and a stint DJ’ing during the seventies and eighties.


We are incredibly excited to have Eifion on the ITS team and look forward to working closely with him over the coming months.  Welcome Eifion!

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Would you like to know more about Centrifugal Pumps and if they are the right solution for your processing needs? Take a look at the first of our 'Pump It' series of articles and get in touch with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd if you would like to discuss any specific requirements you might have.



Another day, another site survey!
Our engineers visited an Award-winning Distillery in the Lake District to carry out a site survey on an existing distilling process which utilises Alfa Laval fluid handling equipment. 

This site has been running for years with great success and as a result of their continuous improvement strategy, the distillery has seen an increase year on year in terms of production and visitors.

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd support their distillery operations with on-site valve servicing to complement their in-house maintenance schedule.
What can we help with?...
•On-site Valve/Pump/Heat Exchanger/Tank Equipment identification and site log.

•Complete Spares and Service for hygienic flow equipment.

•Sustainable Development Tool for water, energy, waste and product savings!

•Emergency Breakdown/Maintenance Scheduling.
We are always on hand for your technical needs. Just give us a call or email us:



Congratulations Nick Willetts!

Over 120 engineers and technical staff from Alfa Laval distributors around the world, are given the opportunity every month to enter a competition and spec an hygienic pump for a specific customer scenario.

Nick won this competition 3 times during 2021, with suggestions of twin screw, centrifugal and circumferential piston pumps making up his winning submissions.

He has been recognised by Alfa Laval for his outstanding contributions and excellent hygienic pump knowledge, along with receiving a Virgin experience voucher and a certificate that will now be placed proudly on the Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd certificate wall! (Pictured Leonardo Morabito awarding Nick with these)

Nick – You are the Greatest! At least for 2021… #watchthisspace 😃 

Bornemann SLH-4G 2in1 Principle
Ever wondered how ITT Bornemann Twin Screw Pumps are gentle and effective enough to handle both #food & #pharmaceuticals? Take a look here: https://youtu.be/3a3iqqCBxI4
Supplied by Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd, contact us if you would like more information:

Take a look at this outstanding piece of kit, currently on the way to our customer...


These 2-Way, Full Bore, Piggable, Hygienic Shutter Valves are Ideal for pasty media and low-germ processes - LIAG® arc valves have been designed to meet the high demands of process engineering applications. They are particularly suited for viscous/pasty products and fluids containing solid particles, on account of a totally clear passage, as well as easy and thorough cleaning in place.

This valve series provides optimum conditions for a wide variety of pigging system applications. By virtue of their simplicity in design and minimum number of components and wearing parts, arc valves are characterised by high hygiene, low maintenance and safe operation, and are available from ITS. 

• No dead pockets.
• CIP/SIP capability (hygienic design).
• Totally clear passage - no pressure loss.
• Designed to be passed with LIAG® lip pigs.
• A minimum number of components and wearing parts.
• Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place.

See how LIAG® Arc Valves work here:



Impurities can reduce the efficiency of a heat exchanger, so much so it can result in overheating, which is neither good for the heat exchanger or your production line!

The HiFlux Filtration A/S Auto-line self-cleaning filter can help to protect your heat exchangers in the long run, whilst minimising maintenance costs and putting an end to unnecessary downtime.

Autoline Filters:

• Remove impurities

• Protect the heat exchanger

• Minimise maintenance

• Eliminate downtime

Have a specific requirement you would like to speak with us about, contact us – 01675 465191 / sales@industrialtradingsolutions.com

Looking to increase operational efficiencies? With MOUVEX® pumps self-priming capabilities, it's easy...


Look no further - as Mouvex eccentric disc technology features exceptional self-priming capabilities to maximise productivity.


Hot Stuff Coming Through! - Well done to Oni, Winner of the ITS Bake Off Savoury Edition! 👏

Oni impressed us all at Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd with her delicious Jerk Chicken Wings that came with an equally amazing Jack Daniels & Honey Dip! 🍴🔥🍗


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