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October 2018

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Patti Engineering has a new look - and it's not just our Halloween costumes.  This month, we released major updates to our website to make it more user friendly.  Find them in our article, and then hop on over to the site to check it out for yourself!

Our spotlight this month is on Meghan Pavasaris, Marketing and Communications Manager at Rivergate Marketing.  Rivergate has been our marketing arm since 2009; Meghan has been working closely with us since 2014.

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New Website
New Website

Since we launched our last website in 2014, we have published over 200 blogs and opened two new offices. As the industry as a whole has made huge strides towards digitalization in just a few years, the nature of our projects has as well. So, the goal of the update was to better reflect the work we do and – most importantly – make the site more user friendly.

A few highlights you might want to check out:

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We hope these updates will make your visits more comfortable!

Meghan Pavasaris

Spotlight: Meghan Pavasaris, Rivergate Marketing

This month we are spotlighting one of our behind-the-scenes stars, Meghan Pavasaris. Meghan is the senior marketing and communications manager for Rivergate Marketing, the marketing arm of Patti Engineering. Meghan has been working with us here at Patti Engineering since 2014 when she first came on board with Rivergate. Rivergate Marketing provides marketing expertise to industrial automation companies, including several systems integrators in different regions and specialties across the country.

Based in Central Massachusetts, Meghan works remotely with the many Patti Engineering offices to coordinate marketing efforts for the company. A few of her many responsibilities include annual planning and strategy, tracking marketing metrics, coordination and maintenance of the company’s website, marketing automation, and content creation such as blog posts, press releases and monthly newsletters, email outreach, and social media programs.

Meghan doesn’t find it to be a problem working 1000 miles from the Patti Engineering headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI. “With multiple offices, Patti Engineering does remote work really well – we’re able to accomplish a lot from our corners of the country,” Meghan said. “They’re a great team to work with, and I enjoy when we’re able to get together in person a couple of times a year.”

“Meghan brings a high level of detail and drive to the marketing team that blends really well with the engineering team. She is truly valued for her ability to understand our business and help our engineers deliver valued content!“ said Steve Palmgen, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Originally from Connecticut, Meghan studied at the University of Connecticut and graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing, and a BA in Spanish. She then joined Teach for America and worked for seven years in Washington DC and New Haven, CT where she taught 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades. During that time, Meghan mainly taught literacy, but during her first two years she ran a bilingual classroom – Spanish and English. In her spare time, she also earned a Masters of Arts degree in Teaching from American University.

In 2014, Meghan left the classroom and resumed her marketing career. “One interesting thing that speaks to how quickly digital marketing is moving: I graduated with a degree in marketing not all that long ago,” she said. “But after 7 years in the classroom, when I came back to the marketing world, it had shifted quite a bit. For example, when I graduated, Facebook was just opening up beyond .edu addresses; when I came back, Facebook was at 1.4 billion members. Of course, the principles of branding, messaging, etc. remain the same, but the implementation was almost unrecognizable.”

When she joined Rivergate Marketing, Meghan started off doing social media updates and drafting case studies and articles. “As I’ve gotten to know the business and technical info much better, I’ve ramped up to developing the content calendar, managing the website transition, guiding engineers in blog discussions, and collaborating on the marketing strategy,” Meghan said.

With the recent completion of the new Patti Engineering website project, Meghan looks forward to continuing to expand the company’s reach via strong content that speaks to the user base in the wide variety of industries Patti Engineering serves..

Meghan is married to her college sweetheart, Chris, and the couple enjoys spending time with their two young sons, Clark, age 3 and Simon, age 6 months.

Meghan and Chris are renovating their 1950s house that the neighbors all refer to as “the Brady Bunch house.” Meghan says, “I entertain myself and a handful of friends and family with those updates on Instastories. We just got back from a much-anticipated trip to Spain with the whole family – kids, my parents, brothers. I studied in Salamanca in college, and we’ve talked since then about bringing everyone to visit.”

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