Growing Pains

As a child I used to complain to my mother about various aches and pains in the mornings.  Her response was always the same: “it’s just growing pains. Now get up, get dressed, and get going.”   My mother had already raised five children.  She’d heard it all before, knew I’d survive childhood, and understood that the best thing I could do was just get on with my day. 

Every successful business has its own growing pains, too.  Often they take the form of hiring new staff and adopting new technologies.   Managing those growing pains can be tricky.  The pain of success involves managing budgets, interviewing and retaining good staff, migrating existing data into new technology and, in some cases, moving into larger offices.  

All these growing pains can be disruptive and therefore unwelcome, so we often put them off for as long as possible.  Sometimes too long.

I am often asked by smaller regulated corporate service-providers when they should adopt a compliance system like SILO.  Many want to know specifically how many companies should they have in their portfolio to make SILO a good investment.   Fifty?  One hundred?  Two?

Of course lots of factors come into the equation, but the main one I would consider if in their shoes would be if they anticipate having to hire someone to do what SILO can easily do. If so, then it’s the ideal time to start shopping for a compliance system like SILO.

For larger businesses, integrating different technologies is also an inconvenient growing pain – but one that really shouldn’t be ducked if they are to gain workflow efficiencies and avoid a glut of unnecessary, costly additional staff. 

We know that the process of adopting new technology can be a particularly frustrating growing pain, and that there’s no point in going through it unless it ultimately saves you time and money.  But with good planning, an excellent project manager, talented IT teams and a strong will to continue to grow, adoption of new technology and integration can be achieved. 

Properly done, you can grow - without pain.

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