2020 is already off to a flying start. It is going to be an exciting year on the Eliminate Downtime journey, with the first stop being the sold out Predict Summit in Copenhagen on the 22nd of January. At the Predict Summit industry leaders will come together to discuss AI; how to use it, how to get started and the impact that this has on the industry. 
I am eager to kick-off a new decade full of collaboration, innovation and transformation. With the Predict Summit happening next week and the start of a new decade I wanted to take the time this month to look at great reads on AI, collaboration and what we can expect from data in the near future. Here are the key questions to consider this month: 
  • How can you face challenges that may arise from collaborating across industries or cultures? 
  • How can traditional companies adopt and implement AI to create value for their customers? 
  • What do the future developments for the use of data look like? 


Harvard Business Review: "Competing in the Age of AI"

AI has presented organizations with the possibility of scaling their businesses to unprecedented heights. While the aggregation of data may cause a “cold start” in the implementation of new technology, the benefits highly outweigh the disadvantages. The need for digitization is clear, and large traditional companies will start to feel competition from smaller, agile companies, that are able to scale at increasingly quick rates. Traditional firms need to be aware of the possibilities presented by AI and how smaller, more agile, firms are able to compete at new levels. Large firms that are not inherently digital do have the ability to digitize. They will, however, need to change culture and systems and avoid data silos. This article outlines the potential of AI and the possible value that can be created in that process.


McKinsey (Podcast): "Partners in profit: Creating successful business alliances" 

Industry-specific partnership have been the norm in business. However, with the further introduction of digital partnerships, they are possible across industries and borders. The speakers, Ruth De Backer and Eileen Kelly Rinaudo, talk through the important stages in developing a partnership. But they highlight setting the foundation of a partnership that seeks to truly understand the business’ cultures and motivations. Measuring the value of a partnership should also be discussed by both parties in detail, and they should have triggers setup that result in the reevaluation of a partnership. Maintaining these relationships require productive and positive collaboration. However, the end of a partnership does not necessarily mean a failed partnership if the initial objectives are met. Take some time to listen to this great conversation, or read the transcript, it’s an eye-opening feature on partnerships.

DATA IN 2020

Forbes: "6 Predictions About Data in 2020 And The Coming Decade "

In light of the new year, and the start of a new decade this article that presents a few predictions about data in the upcoming decade was interesting. There is no doubt that data will continue to drive innovation and create new challenges. With the introduction of faster networks organizations will be able to process and analyze large amounts of data at increasing rates, leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness. The lack of data that some companies face will no longer be a problem as synthetic data will be used to supplement their own data, making it possible for organizations to validate and train their own models. Many organizations will have access to large amounts of data, and it will start to play a role in the global economy with many jobs requiring some form of data literacy. The coming decade will see trends come and go, but data will continue to impact business and people’s lives.

With the Predict Summit around the corner, and the increasing presence of data in all businesses, the next decade will present a lot of change. Let me know if you have any predictions for the upcoming decade at: sbj@trackunit.com 

Through collaboration and partnerships we can get closer to our goal of eliminating downtime by 2025. 

- Søren Brogaard Jensen, CCO Trackunit


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