As the level of curiosity and readiness to collaborate intersects, the need for sharing and collaboration becomes increasingly prevalent. This is just one of many key takeaways from the successful Predict Summit that we hosted together with McKinsey in Copenhagen on the 22nd of January. It was fantastic to see 75 of the industry’s leaders coming together to discuss and brainstorm the impact that AI will have on the future of the industry. Although the industry is still validating the use of AI, it's becoming clear that AI will allow the industry to reach new heights. Check out the highlights from the event in Copenhagen, here
In light of the Predict Summit and the great conversations that took place during the event, I wanted to take time this month to reflect on how we collaborate in the industry, how we learn new things and how we all can become digital pioneers. Hereby this month’s key questions to consider: 
  • How are you inspiring a pioneer mindset within your organization? 
  • Is your organization storing any potential innovation that could be shared externally to spark more “open innovation”?
  • How are you preparing your organization for the introduction of new roles through increased digitization? 


Harvard Business Review: "How to Capture All the Advantages of Open Innovation"

Open innovation is any organization’s opportunity to do more with less. This, however, should not be misinterpreted as the need to outsource all innovation. Rather it is about the collaboration that leads to more powerful and visionary innovation. In this podcast, which is also transcribed, with Henry Chesbrough, the professor and author who coined the term “open innovation”. Chesbrough discusses why open innovation has fallen apart and gives examples of how organizations can use the resources available to them to innovate at new levels. While many organizations are eager to collaborate with others, they often do not want to share their own innovations. This is a major challenge in creating sustainable open innovation and is also discussed in the podcast. Collaboration is becoming increasingly important and Chesbrough takes an interesting approach to effective open innovation, give it a listen.


BCG: "Competing on the Rate of Learning" 

Although a slightly older article, from 2018, its relevance is not lost. BCG outlines the importance of learning in this article by writing about both human and machine learning. Both are imperative to the success of a company in this digital age. In the article the authors outline models of a learning organization and how they impact a business. One key takeaway being the ability to envision and create new products. As the business context is being transformed and we move into a more digital world an important aspect of learning also lies with technology and AI. This will tremendously increase our efficiency and allow us react to market changes much quicker. Learning will become a crucial part of our business, and as such learning how to learn will follow. 


Gartner: "Be a Digital Transformation Pioneer"

78% of CEOs believe that their organizations are either industry leaders or fast adopters. To ensure this, leaders will have to ensure that a pioneering mindset is adopted by those in the organization. This article explores how your organization can go about creating this mindset through hypothetical scenarios that allow an organization to dream big, or engaging the C-Suite to initiate the culture and open up discussion. Having clear deliverables and following up on them will be the key in unlocking this pioneer mindset.

How is your organization eliminating downtime? Over half of the companies that lost business in the last year, was a result of low engagement in partnerships due to insufficient resources. This is just one of the key takeaways from the Eliminate Downtime Benchmark. I would like to invite all of you to participate in the benchmark, so you can benchmark yourself to the industry. We will supply you with a personalized report and an industry report so you can get an understanding of how capable your organization is of eliminating downtime. Collaboration is an important step to overcome internal resource and knowledge shortages.
Through collaboration and partnerships we can get closer to our goal of eliminating downtime by 2025. 

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