Collaboration is at the heart of the Eliminate Downtime movement. Data-sharing will be the focus of the next chapter, in the hopes that we can create a blueprint for sharing that works for the construction industry. We gathered the Eliminate Downtime committee members and their network at a first roundtable to discuss data-sharing and the benefits that it could have. Kick-starting the new chapter of the journey. We will follow it up with five hackathons, one more round table with thought leaders from construction, culminating in the creation of 1 blueprint that can serve the industry. 

This month’s readings and key questions reflect the journey that we are about to embark on. We delve into the power of collaboration and how we can benefit and take a look at how digitalization can build resilience in times when it’s needed. The final article uncovers how these changes can be implemented within your organization.

This Month's Key Questions: 
  1. What lessons from other industries about digital collaboration can we bring to the construction industry? 
  2. How do you plan to use new technologies in building a resilient organization? 
  3. What systems do you implement to initiate changes within your business?


HBR: "3 Lessons from Chinese Firms on Effective Digital Collaboration"

In China, the power of collaboration across digital natives has helped many companies through the COVID-19 pandemic. But being able to power through the pandemic is not the only example of how digital collaboration has created value. This article outlines three lessons that we can learn and bring to life in our own industry. They write about the importance of sharing and how it can be leveraged to provide value to an entire ecosystem. 


BCG: "The Digital Path to Business Resilience"

There is no denying that each industry experiences its own unique downfalls. But, resilience to these changes can be a deciding factor for post-disaster success. This article from BCG brings forth the elements of resilience and how digitization impacts this journey. What does it mean to be resilient, and how can digital technologies ease the process? The authors of this article attempt to answer these questions. They also take note of the difficulty that is digitization, and how that could impact an organization. 


McKinsey: "Welcome to the Digital Factory: The answer to how to scale your digital transformation"

The Digital Factory is an organization’s opportunity to streamline change. With the ability to implement, gather feedback, and make changes at a rapid pace, business units come together to initiate change at a rapid pace. Teams often work with explicit goals and understand how their work will impact the business. The balance between strong leadership and autonomy is crucial to a successful Digital Factory. This article gives a comprehensive overview of what a Digital Factory is and how it could impact your business. 

If any of these articles have sparked any ideas or questions that you may have, please reach out to me. Initiating conversation and creating awareness is how we will be able to succeed in our journey of eliminating downtime. 

- Søren Brogaard, CCO Trackunit


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