The eliminate downtime journey continues! Our next stop will be in October, where we will be meeting with industry leaders in Berlin, Germany. Hosting another x Downtime event gives the industry the opportunity to come together and discuss new developments. Meeting with curious, passionate and like minded individuals is a great way to brainstorm the future of the construction industry.

One of our committee members, Alex Schuessler, founder of SmartEquip has written an article on Here he takes a look at the automation occurring in service processes. It’s a great article that is covered in more detail below. 

This month has also revealed some other great reads that focus on the digital transformation of the construction industry. Answering questions like, who should be leading these digital transformations or how automation is changing the workforce. These reads have also lead to this month’s key questions to consider: 

  • How are you specifying your use cases so that they create value for your organization?
  • What characteristics are you looking for in candidates to lead your digital transformation? 
  • How can automation go beyond scheduling and repair prediction to further the technician’s efficiency?

Remember, if you would like to discuss any of the topics covered in this month’s newsletter or its previous versions you can just hit reply on this email to get into contact with me directly. 

AUTOMATION LEADING TO HIGHER EFFICIENCY "Why Technology Innovation is Critical in Countering Service Labor Shortage"

A few years ago less than 50% of logged repairs time are spent on “wrench time”. Finding out what needs to be fixed, which parts they would need, and then ordering the components needed for the fix ate up a large amount of time in their repair times. Over the past few years, many of these processes have become automated. The automation of these processes allows technicians to understand which kind of fixes need to be made before the machine comes in for reparation. The automation will also enable scheduled services to prevent larger breakdowns, thereby lowering repair times


Harvard Business Review: "Don't Put a Digital Expert in Charge of Your Digital Transformation"

Many leaders find it difficult to hire the right person to lead a digital transformation. Often, they look to find experts in the field with great track records. While these experts are more than capable of leading digital transformation they may not be the right choice for your organization. Looking towards your current employees, for someone who has proven that they are able to handle tough situations will benefit your organization immensely. They have insider knowledge of how the organization is operated, and know what is important. Hiring someone who isn’t a digital expert, and rather a current employee with a proven drive for the company can lead to a successful digital transformation.


McKinsey: "Decoding digital transformation in construction"

The Engineering and Construction (E&C) industry is still the least digitized industry today. Many organizations have tried to adopt digital technologies, and some have been able to succeed beyond the pilot phase. However, when scaling the technology and trying to create sustainable strategies, they seem to fail. This article outlines some of the difficulties that organizations in the industry may face when adopting digital technologies. However, it also mentions some of the concepts that organizations should focus on when embarking on this journey. Quickly, these include; 
  • Specified use cases
  • Implementing use cases to promote collaboration 
  • Restructuring engineering teams
  • Adjusting baselines to capture value 
  • Connecting projects to unlock impact
Being an early adopter of digital technologies can be greatly beneficial. Pioneering digital transformation in the industry will allow organizations to become part of a larger ecosystem that allows for collaboration and innovation. 


If you would like to stay up to date with the Eliminate Downtime journey check out the video above. 

Through collaboration and partnerships we can get closer to our goal of eliminating downtime by 2025. 

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