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Avoid having your emails delivered in spam

It can be extremely frustrating if the newsletters you spend time and energy on gets delivered in spam. Email services have their own algorithms for identifying and sorting types of emails. This article presents you with options for how to avoid the algorithms.  


How to challenge LinkedIn's algorithms  

Is your organic reach not at the level that you want it to be? For this, LinkedIn's algorithms are most likely to be blamed, and they can be difficult to navigate in. In this article, you will be presented with pieces of advice on how to work around and challenge the algorithms.    


LinkedIn for businesses 

Does your organization need a competence boost? We offer in-company training programs for organizations that want to improve impact. Our training programs are targeted towards your specific needs and goals. We also walk you and your organization through insights into choosing focus, strategy, and priorities.  

Proposal for agenda:

  • The value of Social Selling  
  • How to execute a successful Employee Advocacy program 
  • How is the effort measured, and how does your organization use the data?


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