Get on board with the latest trend - Virtual Training

Are you doing what everyone else is doing these days and engaging in the virtual wave? We offer many different LinkedIn training programs virtually. One of them is virtual training in Social Selling, where you will gain a significant competence boost and learn more about how to use LinkedIn as a tool for generating leads, nurturing connections, virtual quality meetings, and enhanced professional visibility. 

More specifically, you will improve your competences within:

  • The value of Social Selling and a high SSI score
  • Execution of Social Selling and booking virtual meetings
  • Enrichment of your network
  • Expansion of your network with relevant connections
A new look and feel for LinkedIn



LinkedIn is starting to roll out a new design to its members globally, and it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. To answer a question many people have asked, Stories are coming.
New functions on LinkedIn 2020



Have you heard about the newest add-ons to the LinkedIn platform, such as a new reaction option and name pronunciation? Get up to speed in this article, where we present the latest features and functions.

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