The benefits of Video Selling



Video Selling is a new way to capture (hard-to-reach) customers' attention in an alternative and fresh yet still professional way. The benefits are numerous, and it is relatively easy to get started.
8 functions on LinkedIn?



There are a ton of different functions available on LinkedIn. Do you know that there is a limit on invitations? Or that you can choose to be anonymous? Learn more by reading this article.  
The perfect LinkedIn update



Do you know about all of the opportunities and restrictions there exists when posting on LinkedIn? We give you the overview here, to enable you to make the perfect LinkedIn update from your LinkedIn Company page. 
Become a visible expert



Do you know what it means to be a visible expert within your industry and how to become one? The benefits are numerous for both your own brand and the company that you work for. We present you with the steps to become one here.

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