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Working in sales today is much more than just booking meetings. It is about positioning, relationships, and personal networks. Social Selling is about managing and structuring the process of using social media efficiently in sales throughout the organization.

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Quantity or quality on social media?

Where should your focus be placed? The question is hard and often individual from company to company. Both strategies can be beneficial. In this article, we give our opinion on which strategy to choose.


Guide to subtitle LinkedIn videos

Videos on LinkedIn increases the attention compared to a picture, and the audience is more likely to stop scrolling when they see a video in their newsfeed. Most LinkedIn users watch videos without sound. 


LinkedIn training and workshops

We offer customized in-company training days and education programs. Based on your targets and needs, we’ll design the perfect in-company training program, highly relevant to your organization and your team.


LinkedIn for Businesses 

LinkedIn is fantastic for employer branding, recruitment, creating awareness, sales, and much more. We offer tailored in-company training programs according to your needs and goals. 


Book: B2B Social Selling Execution

Do you know how to succeed with your Social Selling Leadership on LinkedIn? This book is written as a practical guide for the many directors and managers seeking a fast track to Social Selling. 


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