You’ve defined your target audience, allocated your ad budget, crafted your headline, and carefully selected your images. But how do you know if your digital ads are going to generate results?

Thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence , these answers are now at our fingertips. 
Warm Thoughts’ strategic partner, ReachLocal recently leveraged these Deep Learning Neural Networks to analyze the performance of 50,000 digital ads. After examining the top positive and negative visual classes of ads, we’ve conclusively identified which aspects of the ads had the greatest impact on overall click-through-rate.
Together with ReachLocal, Warm Thoughts applies these insights to all of our clients’ digital ads to improve performance.
The result? Digital ads for your business that are guaranteed to deliver results. 
Why Artificial Intelligence Matters to Your Business
While we once relied on the subjective nature of whether or not we “like” an ad, breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are changing the game, delivering real insights into what makes for an effective ad.

This study was so powerful, that ReachLocal, part of the USA Today Network, was recently awarded an AdExchanger Award for Best Use of Data By a Publisher .

Ready to put the data to work for your digital ads? Contact Warm Thoughts today to get started.

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