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2021 CO-OPS.
We can all agree that 2020 was anything but normal, and as such we were not able to introduce our 2021 marketing Co-Ops during our annual Fall Conference. As we head into 2021, we are happy to release the much anticipated 2021 Co-Ops that are now available for all of our Wyoming partners. The Wyoming Office of Tourism team compiled feedback provided by the industry, along with additional surveys and research to develop recommendations for co-ops that raise the visibility of our partners at state investment levels within WOT's budget reductions. Added value to existing programs for 2021 include re-targeting with Bandwango in the Spring Multi-Channel, featured event options on and the consumer email. New opportunities include social media takeovers, virtual desk-side meetings with media and geo-location data sharing.

The Wyoming Office of Tourism is doing a full presentation January 20th, from 1-3pm, on co-op opportunities and how they fit into the integrated marketing strategy going forward. Put it on your calendar now and look for more information to follow in 2021. In the meantime, please contact Amy Larsen,, (307) 777-6706, with any questions you might have. Keep an eye out for O’Brien McCarty with Miles Partnership,, 303-867-8307 and Lesley Rowbal with Madden Media,, 308-249-2255 who will be contacting you directly about these opportunities.


china marketplace

On December 2nd, Jim Wollenburg, along with partners in Jackson and Yellowstone National Park, teamed up with the Wyoming Business Council to conduct a Wyoming Tourism and Industry marketplace with leaders in Wyoming’s sister state, Shaanxi Province in China. This marketplace resulted in more than 15 high level professionals and leaders from the Shaanxi province exchanging information and highlighting their respective areas with tourism and industry leaders in Wyoming.


Celebrate Plan for Vacation Day All Month

Mark your calendars to participate in Plan for Vacation Day on January 26, and join the Wyoming Office of Tourism in encouraging travel planning all month long. Thousands of organizations and travel influencers join together for this event each January to encourage Americans to take their time off—and use those days to travel. This year is especially relevant as we start looking forward to traveling again after nearly a year without it.

How can you participate?
  •  Share content related to travel planning during the month of January.
  •  Continue participating in the Let's Go There campaign.
  •  On social media, use hashtags #LetsGoThere, #LetsMakePlans, #TravelConfidently and #PlanforVacation when appropriate.
  •  Participate in Plan for Vacation Day on January 26 by posting on social media, publishing an article or sending an email.
  •  Watch for a toolkit from U.S. Travel Association in early January for more information.



Earned Media Coverage

Media & Press Summary: November 2020
Please note the ‘Top Media Placements’ and ‘Earned Media’ include coverage that is a direct result of the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s efforts, while “Wyoming in the News” is coverage that cannot be directly tracked back to the PR program.
November 2020
*This includes domestic media coverage only
Reach: 698,088,181
Editorial Value: $9,221,274.82
Placements: 36
Fiscal Year-to-Date
Reach: 2,651,869,691
Editorial Value: $60,117,726.65

Top Media Placements
In November, Wyoming was featured in a 2021 trend predictions roundup for POPSUGAR titled “12 Travel Trends to Know About For When We Can Safely Hit the Skies (and Road) Again” (syndicated to Yahoo!, MSN, and more). The article predicts national parks will continue to be top spots for travelers in 2021.

Holiday Wishes!

As we prepare to welcome 2021, we would like to take a moment to thank you, Wyoming’s tourism partners, for the many contributions and the perseverance during a very tumultuous year. On behalf of the Wyoming Office of Tourism, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

With warm wishes for a happy holiday season,
The Wyoming Office of Tourism



Industry Relations Manager

Amy Larsen
Industry Relations Manager
Phone: (307) 777-6706

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