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Hospitality & Tourism Call

As we continue to see hospitality and tourism return to pre-pandemic norms, including allowing more opportunities for us to gather together in person, we will no longer be hosting our monthly industry calls. One of the many great things that came from these calls however was learning how they are great way to gather our industry to share pertinent information, and moving forward we will continue to do so as needed.
Did you miss the May webinar Would you do business with You?

All of our webinars are recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience on our Industry website
Nordic Sales Mission

Representatives of The Great American West from Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming traveled to the Nordic region for a busy week of trade, media and airline meetings that are key to increasing travel to the five-state region from the market. The group conducted in-depth travel trade training as well as led itinerary developments among trade contacts and future trip ideas for members of the media. Our meeting with airline Icelandair provided important updates and insights for the region in order to remain proactive in our marketing efforts as it relates to arrivals from the Nordics.
IRU 2022

The 2022 IRU event hosted more than 110 destination marketers focused on selling The Great American West states of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Productive business meetings and networking events took place over the course of four days among 66 regional suppliers from the five states; 41 international tour operators from the United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Australia and Nordic region; and four U.S.-based inbound tour operators.

The event consisted of two days of intensive pre-scheduled business appointments where every regional organization and every international tour operator/buyer were guaranteed to meet. This event gave regional suppliers looking to increase international visitation the opportunity to conduct business with international buyers who are looking to add regional product to their list of offerings. On behalf of The Great American West team, thank you to those suppliers and buyers who joined us for this year’s event, and a special thank you to the host city of Fargo-Moorhead and host state of North Dakota for making the event such a great success.

We look forward to seeing you for next year’s IRU! Save the date: April 23-26, 2023, in Boise, Idaho.
Road Trip Stickers

The 2022 sticker maps and the 150th Yellowstone Stickers have been mailed out. If you are a DMO or Lodging Tax Board and have not received them, please contact Amy Larsen. As your supplies start to dwindle you can order more route, WY Responsibly, Yellowstone (while supplies last) stickers and sticker maps directly from our industry website or by clicking the link below.

Just a few reminders for the 2022 Road Trip Stickers Program.
Only DMO’s or Lodging Tax Boards(LTB) can request stickers and are responsible for distributing them to the qualifying distribution points. You can find more information on who qualifies here. If you are not a DMO or LTB , please reach out to them first before contacting the Wyoming Office of Tourism.
• Please discard all your 2021 sticker maps. Each year the maps are updated.
• You can only request route stickers for the route you are located on.
WYBest 2.0 Update

In April and May, Young Strategies once again joined with WOT to present the Wyoming Best and WYBest 2.0 strategic planning workshops to Lodging Tax Boards in Converse, Niobrara, Goshen, Unita, Fossil Basin, Washakie and Platte Counties along with meeting with Big Piney and Marbleton. 22 of Wyoming’s 27 Lodging Tax Boards have now completed the Wyoming Best or WYBest 2.0 program.
That’s WY Byway Box

WOT had its first group tour come through our Southeast Welcome Center on May 10th and was able to hand deliver our That’s WY Byway Box to them. This great resource will allow us to not only track the groups that our visiting Wyoming, but gives WOT and our partners an opportunity to welcome them with our Western Hospitality.
Industry Relations Manager
Submit Your Content - Wyoming Media Library

Be sure to utilize WOT’s extensive collection of creative assets for your marketing and promotional purposes, including still photography, video and logos. The Wyoming Media Library is also accessible to national media outlets seeking stock footage to supplement their stories. If you have content you’d like to submit for consideration, with credit, please reach out to us.
To access the Wyoming Media Library, click the link ( ) to create a profile. Once you are successfully logged in, you can access our visual assets as well as add your assets to the library.
Update Now for the 2023 Travel Guide.

Want your listing to portray your business accurately in the 2023 Travel Guide? Now is the time to update, add or delete business listings on Wyoming Office of Tourism's Partner Portal. Work on the 2023 Travel Guide is underway, and any changes made to listings after June 30 will not be reflected in the guide.
Media & Press Summary: April 2022
Please note the ‘Top Media Placements’ and ‘Earned Media’ include coverage that is a direct result of the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s (WOT) efforts, while “Wyoming in the News” is coverage that cannot be directly tracked back to the PR program.
April 2022
*This includes domestic media coverage only
Reach: 345,558,637 
Placements: 23
International Year-to-Date Coverage
Reach: 271,166,616
Total Placements:
Fiscal Year-to-Date
*Domestic media coverage through Month YYYY and international media coverage through Month YYYY
Reach: 3,324,739,037
Placements: 1,638
BVK – Advertising Agency of Record

In April, a review committee made up of tourism industry representatives, WOT staff and board members selected Birdsall Voss and Associates, Inc a.k.a. BVK to continue their work as the marketing and advertising agency of record for the Wyoming Office of Tourism.
BVK is a full-service, Top 25 independent marketing and advertising agency that produces award-winning creative strategies, campaigns and multi-media production that drive business outcomes. All of that is supported by an understanding of the media landscape; seamless integration of social media, public relations and experiential marketing; and bottom-line brand strategy and planning, analytics and market research to drive travel to Wyoming and disperse visitors across the state.
Percepture – Public Relations Agency of Record

In January, WOT announced it awarded Percepture, Inc. as its new PR agency of record. The PR veterans selected for Wyoming’s account team have created industry-leading results for the biggest — and even a few of the smallest — destination and tourism accounts in the industry.
Agency-wide, Percepture is known to have the best media relationships — not just contacts — in the business. Percepture will elevate and enhance Wyoming’s narrative and creative stories to move the needle, drive awareness and travel.

Global Partnerships Sr Coordinator
WOT Staff Update
Kera Malmborg has a new role with the Wyoming Office of Tourism as the Strategic Partnerships Manager! Kera has been a valued member of our team, filling the role of Global Partnerships Sr. Coordinator for the last 2.5 years. Through her work, and work ethic, Kera has demonstrated that she possesses many of the skills and characteristics necessary to be successful in her new role.
Sherry Haiar
WOT Employee Anniversary

Congratulations to Sherry Haiar who has been with the Wyoming Office of Tourism for four years now! Sherry always has a positive and bubbly presence. She is excellent at greeting our visitors . She helps them create an exceptional experience in our Cowboy State.
Sherry goes the extra mile for Wyoming visitors. She is a great asset to the Northeast Wyoming Welcome Center and to the Wyoming Office of Tourism.
Industry Relations Manager
Amy Larsen
Industry Relation Manager
Phone: (307) 777-6706

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