Technological solutions for the SDGs

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Free registration for the G-STIC conference is now open. On October 26-28, you can participate online on our digital conference platform Hopin. Or you can take your chance to get invited to our studios in Brussels and add live engagement opportunities to your online participation.

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Whatever way you join us, you will be able to debate with our expert speakers on questions such as

• How can we manage the social and spatial risks of marine landscape infrastructure projects?

• Which technological innovations enable us to realise sustainable food systems?
• How do we ensure digital technologies provide learning opportunities for all?

• And how do we overcome the challenges to deploy technological innovations at scale?

I’m looking forward to meeting you during the conference,

Dietrich Van der Weken
General Manager G-STIC

PLENARY SESSION - OCTOBER 26, 13:30 - 15:00
High-level inaugural session
EU Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, Flemish Vice-Minister-President Hilde Crevits and ACP Secretary-General Georges Rebelo Pinot Chikoti provide their perspective on why deep technological transformations of their country’s industrial and economic infrastructure are needed.

Nikhil Seth (UNITAR), Nisia Trindade Lima (Fiocruz) and Satya Tripathi (UNEP) zoom in on real-life examples of market-ready technological solutions and how they overcome the challenges to deploy them at scale.
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OCEANS DEEP DIVE - OCTOBER 28, 9:30 - 11:00
Co-creating blue innovation
The technical and financial risks of infrastructure projects dealing with climate change, energy transition or population growth, get a lot of attention during planning. However, such projects are often not realised because social and spatial risks have been insufficiently taken into account.

What tools are needed to ensure an integrated spatial design as well as public support? Debate with Alexander D’Hooghe (MIT & design agency ORG), Andreea Strachinescu (Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) and Philippe De Backer (Federal Government of Belgium) on how to co-create blue innovation.
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Technological innovations to realise sustainable food systems
What innovations can help secure soil nitrogen sources and reduce environmental impact? Which technologies enable improved cultivation management, automation of farming operations and increased production? And how can energy savings be achieved in harvesting and distribution?

Get inspired by our expert speakers on how emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or big data can help develop capabilities and platforms to support the development of sustainable food systems.
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Inclusive early childhood education
Digital technologies enable us to find new answers not only to what people learn but also to how they learn, where and when they learn. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, digital learning systems can also observe how students learn and accommodate their individual learning styles.

But how do we ensure these solutions provide learning opportunities for all? Meet with experts Gunay Kazimzade (Weizenbaum Institute) and Eszter Salamon (International Parents) to explore how inclusive education technologies can create a solid base for success in life.

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Kick off new partnerships
Do you want to showcase your track record in technological innovation for the SDGs and attract new customers? Would you like to initiate cross-border contacts and cooperation, create international business opportunities and build commercial, technological or research partnerships? Are you looking for potential investors to present, discuss and develop new projects?

Then join the online matchmaking event organised by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) during the G-STIC conference.
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Since COVID-19 made her cancel her international tour, she turned to the piano and started live-streaming weekly concerts. Her sober take on songs by Presley, Denver, Springsteen and others, taking her out of her comfort zone as a classical soprano, got her a lot of response.
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