Wintertime in Bern: full of treats and surprises.
Hello winter!
Snowflakes trickling from the sky, smoke rising from the chimneys... It’s wintertime in the capital city! Whether you’re aiming for active and adventurous or prefer cozy and relaxing – these are our recommendations for an unforgettable winter in Bern.


Christmas activities
Ice skating in a beautiful setting, candle making and carrousels – experiences that make Christmas time in Bern unique.


...and hotspots
Fondue chalets, Christmas markets and winter pop-ups: we know the best holiday pitstops. 

Off to the museum
Bone-dry? Nonsense! From the T.rex exhibition to Yoga and movie karaoke – Bern’s museums offer exciting special exhibitions and unusual events.

Time to indulge!
Bern is Switzerland’s beer capital, birthplace of creamy chocolate and home of countless delicious specialties. No wonder the Bernese love to indulge! Our culinary highlights are now listed in the “indulgence section” of our website. The perfect read for cold winter days!

Brunch, anyone?
Speaking of indulging: we’re giving away the perfect start to a cold winter’s day: “La Grande Bouffe”, a relaxed, hearty breakfast for yourself and three friends at Du Nord.


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