Let our ideas provide you with inspiration for a winter team event.
We are already planning Christmas – are you?
Does it sound familiar? The last company celebration of the year should be something special. Relaxing with the team and taking it easy. Mountain cabins are too far away and you don’t have enough time to organize a themed party? No problem! Let our ideas provide you with inspiration for a winter team event.

(Heart)-melting Dinners
Wintertime is fondue and raclette time! Whether at the longest grill in the country, high above Bern’s rooftops or in a traditional Chalet Stübli – a nice evening with your team is guaranteed.

Team Dinner with a Twist
Whether you lean back and enjoy a spectacular “varieté show” or search for wild herbs down on your hands and knees, an unforgettable Christmas dining experience is guaranteed and will certainly not produce yawns of boredom.
“Do it yourself” Team Activities
Don’t give yourself a headache trying to think of Christmas presents to buy – do something different and make your own! What is more personal than something you have made yourself?

Team Challenges
Ignore the cold and organize a team activity which is specific to winter. Whether indoors or outdoors, experience interactive team building and immerse yourself in a different world. An energizing start to the year is guaranteed!

“Jingle Bern”
“Jingle Bern” is a top class culinary, artistic pre-Christmas experience. Music, culinary skills, acrobatics and illusions take center stage this evening a sensory experience never to be forgotten.


The Christmas Circus Show
Culinary highlights and an impressive show with unusual artistry, gravity-defying sensuous elegance and innovative lighting effects await you on the Lueg in the Emmental Valley.



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