"When I told my 3 yr-old we couldn't go outside, she asked if it was because of the corona pirates.

I said yes."
   -- @DrSarahJWhite on Twitter

We all need to stay sane while we're on lockdown. My method is scouring the Internet for the best virus humor. What's yours?

With all conferences canceled, there's been an explosion of webinars to try and take their place. While it's not the same thing as being in Florida or California for a few days, it's the best we can do. We've summarized two of them here containing advice from six top CEOs.

A curated selection of other content round out this month's newsletter. Keep an eye out for Ezra Group's upcoming virtual panel, "Enterprise Wealthtech 2020: Scaling Managed Accounts Programs After the Crisis".   

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Six CEO's from some of the most successful wealthtech firms came together to share lessons learned during the current crisis. Great tips & a few cool tools for building company culture in a remote world.

Online forms are an anachronistic by-product of the desire to recreate the physical world inside the digital one. Virtual forms should be eliminated and replaced with the underlying data that is relevant for each process. This will liberate people from the tyranny of forms!

Opportunities in Crisis: Fixed Income in the Time of COVID-19

These are difficult times for investors.  With markets gyrating and the news filled with rapidly changing information, advisors themselves are looking for advice on how to best respond to client concerns and the direction to take their investments.

Our guest for this post is Peter Chiappinelli, CFA, CAIA, Portfolio Strategist, GMO Asset Management.

CEO Roundtable: Leading Through Change in the Age of COVID-19

There are many companies trying to help people get through these troubled times.  Corey Westphal, CEO at MobileAssistant, had a terrific idea: gather some of the top FinTech CEOs to share some of the experiences, lessons learned and best practices from the past month of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. 

He reached out and received positive responses from five other CEOs, so he got them all together for a free webinar which took place last week. 


After managing operations for a billion dollar RIA for almost 10 years, Kristen Schmidt knows the best technology and operations processes needed to scale an advisory firm.

Kristen founded RIA Oasis in 2017, and works with investment advisory firms, financial planning firms, industry leading tech companies, custodians, and consultants from around the US. 


Podcasts I'm Listening To:

I thought I would share a few non-wealth, non-fintech podcasts with you, since I expect everyone is going to have a lot more time on their hands and could use some distractions from work and the news!


This podcast is an eclectic mix of interviews with innovative technologists, researchers and entrepreneurs. 

Mike Walsh calls himself a futurist and global nomad and does an admirable job selecting interesting people to bring on the show. He tends to lean heavy on AI topics, which I happen to like.    


A wonderful way to pass the time while walking the dog, going for a run or just sitting in the backyard, Song Explorer is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs piece by piece and tell the story of how they were made.

Each episode features an artist discussing a song of theirs, breaking down the sounds and ideas that went into the writing and recording. Hosted and produced by Hrishikesh Hirway. 




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