Spring is in the air, and we couldn’t be more excited to embrace the possibilities that come with it. As things outside turn green, we’re renewing our commitment to growth and challenging ourselves to reach new heights of excellence. This month, we’ve cultivated industry updates, fresh work and agency news, so you can join us as we go full speed ahead into spring.





As a full-service agency with an emphasis on branding, we keep our eyes peeled for trends. One we’ve noticed recently: logo simplification. High-end brands are abandoning classic graphics in favor of the short, sweet and simple. In the wake of a retro-renaissance where consumers are seeking out vintage looks, this trend seems counterintuitive. Let’s dig a little deeper.


Simplified logos happen for a variety of reasons, but recognition tops them all. In the digital world, consumers are overloaded with brands vying for their attention, so information has to be delivered as succinctly as possible. A clear, identifiable logo is worth a thousand words. 


Take Pringles for example. Mr. P, the mustachioed mascot, went bald, lost his pop of color and his bowtie in 2021 after a rebranding. Not to mention, the word mark transitioned to a bold, sans serif font and lost the chip accent in the “i.”


There’s rationale behind simplification, but what happens when everyone does it? Suddenly, the very thing brands are trying to achieve — recognition — gets lost amongst a sea of look-alike logos. Does this mean the creative pendulum will swing back to unique graphics? Time will tell. Meanwhile, UPBrand strives to find a balance between simplicity and storytelling. We create work that stands out in the marketplace, and use strategy to cement its originality.






On St. Patrick’s Day, we debuted a new production for The Quiet Man® that we called “Dear Ireland.” For this brand video, we went back to the brand’s roots and scripted a story of brand founder Ciaran Mulgrew reminiscing on his memory of the brand’s namesake and his father, John. From there, we directed a remote production with a team in Ireland to bring stunning visuals and genuine emotion into the piece. No spoilers, but you might want to bring some tissues to this one. Enjoy. 



We have the privilege of working with The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey and Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream®: two spirits sourced from the Emerald Isle itself. Both brands are testaments to Irish culture that endure beyond March 17th, but in the spirit of the holiday, here are a couple recipes for a belated St. Patrick’s Day toast. Sláinte!




The season of spring brings brand new energy, along with possibilities for growth and great ideas. We’ve got a few opportunities for growth around our office, too. Our creative team is expanding rapidly, and we’re looking for an Art Director and Copywriter. If you or someone you know is creative and collaborative, we’d love to chat. Get in touch with us at the link below.




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