The dog days of summer have us hanging on by a thread. This month, we’re unpacking Threads, the newest social platform from Meta, and sharing some new photography work. Let’s get into it.




After months of speculation that it was working on a direct competitor to Twitter, Meta silently launched Threads on July 6, 2023. And in less than a week, Threads had exploded to over 100 million users — and that’s without any advertising on other Meta platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Threads has clearly made a big splash, but key questions remain: Will it last? And what should brands be doing on it in the meantime? 

First up, a little perspective: big platforms make big moves. Google+ launched with the entire backing of the search giant and got up to 200 million users, but we all know how that ended. Companies don’t determine the success of a platform — users do. Threads may be popular right now, but it’s just too early to say if it will be a lasting success. There are no guarantees when dealing with the collective attention span of the internet. 

So in the meantime, we’re recommending brands do the same thing everyone else is doing on Threads: play around with it. That means posting on the platform, sure, but also studying it. Pay attention to the posts and profiles getting the most attention. Look at what your competitors are doing. Check out what kind of content your audience is responding to. When a platform is this young and evolving, there’s no reason to wait around while you build the perfect strategy. Just jump in. 





Last month, we introduced you to our new in-house photographer and content creator, Alona Jenkins. Alona’s been hard at work in our studio on client projects, but in her downtime, she’s playing around with some new portrait styles for the UPBrand team. Here’s a quick look at some of her test shots, featuring our lovely Art Director-Slash-Model, Veronica. We’re still dialing in a few details, but don’t be surprised to see a new side of our smiling faces on our website in the coming weeks.



Born from pure agave and refined over four generations, El Mayor is a tequila renowned for its quality. And in 2023, the brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a very special release: an Extra Añejo made up of an exclusive 25-barrel blend hand-selected by Master Distillers Grace and Rodolfo Gonzalez. 


To help support the launch and generate buy-in from retailers, we created a cocktail book featuring 13 mixologist-designed recipes for the new limited expression. For such a luxurious product, we took special care in directing the photography to ensure cocktails were styled to perfection. From there, we gave each cocktail a premium-sounding name and designed a book that presented them in the best light. Cheers to 25 years!





If you haven’t had your daily dose of cuteness yet, we’ve got just the thing. Our Associate Director of Digital Strategy, Chelsea Cepicky, recently welcomed baby George into the world. Now after a few (relatively) peaceful months of maternity leave, we’re excited to have Chelsea back in the office. Please join us in congratulating her and wishing her family all the best!



“The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.”

Mark Zuckerberg

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