As August winds down and back-to-school spending fires up, we’re taking a closer look at what consumers want from their favorite brands and what that means for DEIB efforts, and we’re soaking up the sun with a rooftop photoshoot. Check it out.




As a branding agency, we like to know what the people are asking for, and you’ve heard us say this one before: representation matters. Audiences connect to people who are like them - and all people are different. Amazon Ads Higher Impact Report shows 81% of consumers are more likely to purchase products or services that demonstrate values aligned with their own. 


This insight is especially true for Gen Z, a generation highly concerned with sustainability and inclusion. Consumers of all ages are wanting to feel seen, heard and appreciated by the brands they shop. Inclusion can be transformative for building or rebuilding trust in your brand. People want to see ads that reflect the world we live in, so showing people of all races, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual orientations and body types is essential. 


Practicing inclusivity goes beyond products and services. This mindset needs to be adopted for all aspects of a brand for a consumer to be able to trust them — and the most effective way to do that is by demonstrating a commitment to DEIB efforts through broader action. Looking beyond advertising to ensure your organization is upholding the principles of DEIB is the best way to prove that your money is where your mouth is. Make sure it’s an authentic effort, too. The newest generations have the world right at their fingertips.





Lights. Camera. Tequila. This month, we captured a lifestyle photoshoot featuring the Master Distiller for El Mayor Tequila, Grace Gonzalez. A fourth-generation member of the family, Grace is deeply passionate about the labor of love that goes into creating the perfect tequila. She’ll be using her abundant knowledge about her family’s distillery to spread the word of El Mayor’s legacy and will be the final authority on taste, quality and presentation. Be on the lookout for the final photos – where we partnered with photographer Amy Schromm – on El Mayor’s socials, and in the meantime, enjoy some behind-the-scenes teasers.

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August brings us an abundance of something we love celebrating: UPBrandiversaries. Three of our team members celebrated another trip around the UPBrand sun, so join us in taking a moment to appreciate their accomplishments over this past year.




Christian is the master of letting creativity flow freely around our office — and he encourages others to think outside the box as well. He’s navigated creative challenges with ease and brilliance, often coming up with just the right solution to whatever obstacle may arise. It’s with immense gratitude that we get to watch Christian’s big ideas come to life in real time each day.



As our Senior Brand Manager, Laura plays a key role in building trust and formulating sound strategy with clients. But Laura has proven herself to be more than your average brand manager because she’s always going the extra mile. Her curious nature, adaptability and research chops make her extraordinarily valuable to our team. That, and her dry sense of humor, which always keeps us on our toes.



Macallan’s responsibilities involve bringing method to madness. Over the past year, she’s immersed herself in our internal processes and implemented new ways to track progress, manage capacity and keep jobs on track, on time and on budget. Her commitment to continuous improvement is one of her best qualities, along with her keen eye, objective views and steady sarcasm.



“The ability to see order in chaos is called creativity.”

Simon Sinek

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