Looking UP

As we head into Year Three of COVID-19, our team is committed to safely sticking together (and occasionally sticking things up our noses), so we can continue to pursue new opportunities. Growth, improvement and excellence are at the forefronts of our minds as we push ourselves to help more brands reach their full potential—all while remaining flexible. Just this month, we’ve added a new member to our team, launched a few killer websites and kept up momentum on some awesome projects that we can’t wait to share. The past two years have had their ups and downs, but one thing’s for certain: we’re hitting the ground running in 2022.




INDUSTRY HAPPENINGS: Marketing in the Metaverse

Labeled the “Next Big Thing” by Forbes, the 3D Metaverse allows people to experience a virtual reality in real-time while using avatars to explore their surroundings. And just like the outside world, this reality has plenty of room for ads. From virtual apparel to billboards and beyond, brands can connect in an experiential way to a wider—and younger—audience in a world where many traditional barriers to conversion don’t exist. This evolution of advertising is here to stay, and we’re excited about these new opportunities for our clients.  

NFTs: A New Opportunity for Advertisers

NFTs—or nonfungible tokens—are all the rage right now, but what exactly are they and why should we care? NFTs are one-of-a-kind images that give owners control over usage rights, and similar to the ever-popular cryptocurrency, they also hold monetary value thanks to blockchain technology (Taco Bell just sold this image for $187,000). However, NFTs can also serve as a portal to exclusive online games, new songs from popular artists and more which opens the door to countless opportunities for brand engagement. As advertisers, we’re staying up to date on this trend to find out how we can help our brands branch out digitally. 



Saint Brendan’s Website Launch

New, dreamy look. Same decadent drink. Our team was tasked with bringing Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream to life through a new website that elevated the brand’s authentic Irish heritage and their mission to add indulgence to every drink. Like the product itself, the website’s interface flows smoothly — taking viewers on a languid journey from origin story to tasting notes. Plus, we’ve added an entire page overflowing with original cocktails recipes. 




 The Quiet Man Website Launch

Like the original quiet man himself, John Mulgrew, we don’t care much for bragging. Actions speak louder than words after all. But we’d be remiss not to share The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey’s new website with you all. As honest and hearty as the brand itself, this website takes viewers on a tour through the brand’s Irish family ties and invites everyone to do the honors of pouring a glass of ultra-smooth whiskey. We’ve also created—and taste-tested—delicious new cocktails made for appreciating in comfortable silence. 






Welcome, Zachary!

We’re thrilled to welcome our new senior writer to the team, Zachary Dodson. With over seven years of experience pursuing lightbulb moments for clients big and small, Zachary is passionate about telling the right story at the right time. And also beer. So, we like him a lot. 



Happy Anniversary! 

Time flies, as they say. It’s hard to believe UPBrand is 12 years old, and we’re looking forward to decades of more fun, excellence and curiosity with all the incredible people that make our work possible. 



“The website is baller.
I low-key got goosebumps.”


Allison O’Brien, Brand Manager (Luxco)

on the new The Quiet Man website



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