Dreamed up by country music star Thomas Rhett and his cousin Jeff Worn, Dos Primos Blanco Tequila is made for sharing with those who know you best. Now, there’s even more to go around with the launch of their smooth sippin’ Reposado. Golden, bright and with hints of oak and vanilla, this addition to the family is inspired by a love of the great outdoors and the people you explore it all with. Our following release campaign leveraged feelings of wide-open wonder and the comforts of home to give Reposado a proper introduction. 




Dos Primos isn’t really a fan of bragging, but a brand-new Reposado? Now, that’s kind of a big deal, so we wanted to do this whole kick off campaign right. To raise the proper amount of awareness, we went all out with a multi-tiered approach.



First, we began teasing the product launch on social media with poetic odes to the outdoors paired with rustic graphics. If any of these phrases made you long for a night spent around a campfire, we did our jobs right. 


Step Two was developing the first launch kit that was delivered to high-profile folks who’d appreciate a good tequila. Dubbed our “Adult Happy Meal” kit, this package included a bottle of both Blanco and Reposado tequila with adventure-centric messaging.


And finally: Launch Kit #2. Leaning into Thomas Rhett’s ties to music, we created a vintage-inspired record case complete with album cover art and song titles. The cases carrying Volumes I & II of Dos Primos (Blanco and Reposado) were given to other celebrities who were likely to post on Instagram and generate engagement.


It took a lot of hard work from all kinds of folks, but we’re proud to say that we gave Dos Primos Reposado Tequila the warm welcome it deserves.




Before we dive into March, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the importance of Black History Month and all the valuable work that Black creatives, brand managers, strategists and more add to the advertising industry. We’ve gathered a few resources to help you explore and support the work of Black professionals this month and every month after.


- Profiles in Black Creativity featured a new person every day in February. READ MORE


- Learn ways to elevate Black voices as a brand after February. READ MORE


- The American Institute of Graphic Arts features ways you can actively support the Black community right here in St. Louis. READ MORE




Super Bowl LVI was an exciting event all-around from the close score to the star-studded halftime show, not to mention the bloody logo controversy. Like the Rams and the Bengals, advertisers across the world also brought their A-game. Here are UPBrand’s first-round draft picks.


The QR Code Makes A Comeback

In fact, the comeback was so strong for Coinbase’s ad that their website crashed within minutes of airing their commercial. The bouncing QR code proved to be irresistible for millions of viewers who quickly scanned it only to find a broken site. UPBranders rule that the ad was successful and broke through with its simplicity.Watch Here


Ewan McGregor Teams Up With Expedia

Expedia’s “Made to Travel” ad artfully demonstrated how consumer priorities have shifted due to pandemic. COVID-19 and all of its accompanying restrictions have people placing higher value on experiences over material goods, and this ad (with a little help from Ewan McGregor) had us wanting to hop on the next plane.Watch Here


Zeus and Hera Go Electric

Okay, how could you not love the power couple dynamic of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek Pinault as Zeus and Hera? Positioning the all-electric BMW iX as a solution to a god’s retirement blues, this spot was fun, absurd and wholesome at the same time with plenty of clever tie-ins to Greek mythology. The solid storyline combined with high-quality acting and production made this one a real winner in our book.Watch Here




Inspired by the ever-shortening attention span and the popularity of Tastemade videos, we created a series of decadent cocktail-making videos for Saint Brendan’s. Take a look and get ready to indulge.






It’s official! As of March 1st, UPBranders will be making the great migration back to 200 North Broadway on a hybrid schedule. Throughout the transition, we’ll remain grounded in our values and navigate these new waters as a team. Plus, there’s a rumor going around there might be a party…




Last month, we all decided to put ourselves out there and speed network during the Nitrous Effect’s All-Hands meeting. We got to meet some new faces on Zoom, learn more about our sister agencies and align on a joint course heading into 2022 and beyond. Through our collaboration with The Nitrous Effect, we're able to provide world-class solutions to complex problems across a wide spectrum of platforms.



“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”


― Albert Einstein



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